Thursday, September 27, 2012

Styles I Like | Cute Hair Accessories

I have a thing for headbands and flowers which can be worn in the hair! They are the perfect accessory to any hairstyle! I've even written a few tutorials of my own: DIY Button Hair Pieces, DIY Headband Holder (from an oatmeal container!), DIY Denim Flower, DIY Painted Bobby Pins, and DIY Painted Hair Clips.

I would like to share with you a few tutorials I've found via Pinterest and do plan to make at some point!

How to Make Simple Bows.
(tutorial via Stars for Streetlights)

Ruffle Chiffon Flowers.
(tutorial via The Mother Huddle)

A Ruffled Knock Off.
(tutorial via Kiki Creates)

No Sew Lace Bow.
(tutorial via Shanty 2 Chic)

Braided Headbands.
(tutorial via Alisa Burke)

Headband Tutorial.
(tutorial via Ador)

Rolled Fabric Flower Clip.
(tutorial via Our Best Bites)

Fabric Flower Headband.
(tutorial via Sew Divertimento)

Something Old And A Lot Of New Headband.
(tutorial via Happy Together)

Lace & Crystal Hairpieces.
(tutorial via SecondHand Couture)


  1. Hello Helen

    First time follower (Harvest blog hop)

    A very pretty and informative blog you have, I love the bows, great posts!


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