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Are You A Southern Girl?

After the discussion which turned into a game (The 5 Things Game) I had the crazy idea to look on Google and see if there were any quizzes on How Country Are You or How Southern Are You. Well, I found quite a few...and took ALL of them! Here are my results (and links if you want to take the quizzes too!)

Just How Southern Are You? Louisiana questions mostly) 63%. That's 10 of 16 questions right!
Are you a Yankee or a Rebel? (Based off how you say stuff) 83% Dixie. Wow, that one really surprised me!
The Advanced Yankee or Rebel test.100% Dixie.
Are you a Country or City Girl? (Based on things you like). Country Girl! It said: You love nature, and enjoy being outdoors. You're a girl who likes animals and knows what to do when they are upset. You like to walk home, pick flowers, and play outside with your pets. You're awesome, country girl!
Are you 100% Country or a City Slicker? (random questions) 100% country!
How *Country* Are You? 82% Country! And what it said: Congratulations! You have a lot of country in you. *Country* people are down to earth, honest, and hard working. All good qualities to have. Be proud of your roots.
How Country Are You? Very country. It said: Y'all best believe you're downright country! You feel right at home on a farm or in the woods and know how to have a good time without much. You're very old fashioned and believe in traditional customs. You don't mind bein' called a redneck because you're proud of it! You don't need nothin' fancy-like, and at the end of the day you know that all you need is God to get you through the day.
Which American Accent Do You Have? Western. It said: Western is kind of neutral, but not quite since it`s still possible to tell where you`re from. So you might not actually be from the West (but you probably are). If you really want to sound "neutral," learn how to say "stock" and "stalk" differently.

And then after I took all these I remembered having a quiz years ago of 100 things...That was the How Girly Are You Quiz (I'll have to see if I still have it and then write it up into a post!). Well, basically everything you said yes to counts as one point towards your total percent of being girly. I wanted to make my own such quiz for all of you country people (and wannabe country girls) just for fun! Here it is....tell me what you think...AND post your score! I'd love to see them!

How Much of a Southern Girl Are You?
To gather your score: read through this list of questions. Make a tally on a piece of paper for each question you can answer with "yes". Total your tallies and figure out where you fit in the southern girl scale at the bottom of the list of questions. The number of questions you answer with yes will be your percentage of southern-ness. (Share the results with me by leaving a comment!!)

1.__ the Rebel flag stands for heritage not slavery.

2.__ you run around in bare feet, even outside.

3.__ you are always talkin’ about“back home”.

4.__ you drive a truck.

5.__ camouflage and pink are supposed to go together.

6.__ you wear baseball hats with the bill curved, not straight.

7.__ you own chickens or want to.

8.__ you have a big heart for animals.

9.__ the main roads you drive on are either gravel or dirt.

10.__ mud ridin’ is one of your favorite ways to have fun.

11.__ swimming is more fun at the lake/river.

12.__ you love a good bonfire.

13.__ you’ve driven a tractor.

14.__ you love horses.

15.__ you are on one side or the other of the Ford/Chevy/Dodge war, and you are prepared to back up your side.

16.__ you’ve made out with your boyfriend in a pickup truck.

17.__ Taylor Swift isn’t a true country singer.

18.__ you know what it feels like to go 90+ miles down a dirt road.

19.__ you love rodeos and the smell doesn’t bother you.

20.__ you know what cowboy poker is.

21.__ you own a cowgirl hat.

22.__ you would wear boots with practically everything.

23.__ a beautiful sky line is where the land goes on without interruption of tall buildings.

24.__ you think tractors are sexy.

25.__ you love 4-wheelin.

26.__ you were born in the South (Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, Virginia, North& South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida).

27.__ you’ve spent over half your life in a Southern state.

28.__ you’re proud of your heritage.

29.__ hunting is more than a sport.

30.__ fishing is on your top summer hobbies list.

31.__ you love your beautiful starlit and open skies (or miss it!).

32.__ you love to go camping. In a tent.

33.__ it’s “tea” not “sweet tea”. And yes, it has sugar. What is tea without sugar?!

34.__ you own guns. And will shoot them if/when necessary.

35.__ you have something in your closet/home/truck with the Browning symbol on it.

36.__ you LOVE bein’ called “Darlin’”by your man.

37.__ cowboys over city boys any day.

38.__ words ending in “ing” are said“in’”.

39.__ there is no such thing as too much camo.

40.__ you know that country = a way of life, not your address/location.

41.__ Miranda Lambert wins over Adele any day!

42.__ country girls still have a girly side…we do like sparkles, pink, and heels…on occasion.

43.__ most everyone you drive by waves and you wave to everyone you see.

44.__ you don’t usually wear a lot of make-up.

45.__ you live in a small town.

46.__ you own a big belt buckle.

47.__ your favorite place to sit outdoors: on the tailgate.

48.__ you know that a cowgirl = a beautiful woman with dirt on her.

49.__ you don’t need a lot of material possessions to be happy.

50.__ the best food is down home southern cookin’.

51.__ you still write thank you notes.

52.__ you were raised to say sir and ma’am.

53.__ you do things for others without expecting something in return.

54.__ you love country music.

55.__ the words recon, fixin’, ain’t, fuss, and hush are in your vocabulary.

56.__ when you say “lovely” that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a compliment.

57.__ “please” and “thank you” are still magic words.

58.__ you’ve been to some, most, or all of the “Southern States” -three or more-(Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, Virginia, North & South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida).

59.__ you watch John Wayne movies.

60.__ you love the sound of an acoustic guitar.

61.__ your house is protected by the good Lord and a gun…and a dog.

62.__ you hold tradition close to your heart.

63.__ you don’t start the fight, but you will sure finish it.

64.__ everything is better fried.

65.__ lightening bugs belong in a mason jar.

66.__ your southern accent is as thick as the air.

67.__ southern hospitality is NOT a myth.

68.__ grits are supposed to have butter and cheese up in them.

69.__ you never pay full price for anything you can find at a flea market, yard sale, or thrift store.

70.__ everyone who comes in your door is offered something to eat and drink.

71.__ you keep your eyes and ears open more than your mouth.

72.__ listening to grandpa/grandma talk about “the old days” is one of your favorite things.

73.__ flip-flops are worn year round.

74.__ your mama has told you: if you don’t stop that cryin’ I’ll give you somethin’ to cry about.

75.__ you know the difference between“southern” and “white trash”.

76.__ you can take care of yourself, but don’t mind if a man steps in to help you out.

77.__ a perfect date is a long ride on back roads with your man.

78.__ “vegetarian” is an old Indian word for bad hunter.

79.__ you drink from the water hose and aren’t worried about the bugs or dirt.

80.__ the pre-sets in your truck are all set to the country stations in your area.

81.__ your dream wedding would be outdoors.

82.__ going to the lake/river is your favorite way to spend summer weekends.

83.__ you like cherry coke.

84.__ you own more than one plaid shirt.

85.__ you would run barefoot through a field of wild flowers.

86.__ you’ve been to or hosted a crawfish boil.

87.__ you’re National Rifle Association member.

88.__ you can see beauty in everything…even when no one else can.

89.__ Camo and cowboy boots will somehow be included in your wedding.

90.__ John Wayne, Johnny Cash, and John Deere.

91.__ this is true of you: your secret is safe with me…and my best friend.

92.__ you’re a true Dixie girl.

93.__ you married a good ole southern boy.

94.__ you’ve watched “Steel Magnolias”& “Gone with the Wind”.

95.__ you know someone who reminds you of Bo Duke in the 2005 “The Dukes of Hazzard”.

96.__ you like your men like you like your tea: strong, sweet, & southern.

97.__ trucks are much better with mud on them.

98.__ where you grew up: everyone knew everything about everyone.

99.__ you like gumbo and/or Cajun food.

100. __ you’ve rarely seen snow.

Once you've answered each of the questions by making a tally for each one you could answer yes to...figure out what your score is:

1-20 = not southern at all, just a normal girl.
21-35 = not southern, but you have a good heart.
36-60 = you’re a wannabe southern girl.
61-79 = you’re a southern girl for sure
80-90 = you’re a real southern girl
91-100 = you’re as southern as they come

My score was 93...although my boyfriend would say I am not a true southern girl I can at least say I have a lot of things similar to real southern girls. :)

The questions I said no to: 13, 26 (I was born in Missouri, but spent 20 years of my life in Southern states), 35 (regrettably I don't have anything with a browning symbol...but I plan to get more than one thing soon...hopefully a hoodie like the one on this post), 46 (are you kidding? I don't even wear a belt since I just wear denim skirts...), 58 (I said yes to this but I just have to say I've been to ALL of the states listed!), 66 (did I forget to mention...I wasn't born in the south so that wasn't passed on to me??), 93 (I went ahead and said yes to this since Autry IS southern...and we ARE going to get married eventually), 99 (yeah, can't answer this since I haven't tried either...that I'm aware of).

So over all I think I fared well on this quiz! :) Does it count though if I'm the one who made it up??

March 24, 2014. I took this quiz again today. I scored a 84. Not sure how my score could've dropped since the last time I took this? LOL. Oh well. I'm still a southern girl and this is just a quiz so I guess we're all good!


  1. I was born and raised in Minnesota (about as far north as a person can get) but we are moving to Wyoming (that's where I am right now). I got 70 out of 100 (thank goodness) I LOVE Miranda Lambert and am so glad I am not the only one that wonders why all the hype for Taylor Swift...she's NOT country. I drive a 4 X 4 old red and white Chevy Blazer and I love shooting my guns! I do not belong in Minnesota! Fun quiz...thanks!

    1. Haha that's great! Thanks for taking the quiz and posting the results! I loved reading them! :)


  2. I got an 86 out of 100 and i don't think that's too bad since i'm from Florida! Spent my whole life there and am now going to college in Montana talk about a complete 180! Only problem is there are no southern boys here and they have no idea what Mardi Gras is at all!!!(my moms from Louisiana}

    1. Wow that's not bad! lol. I forgot about this quiz... I should retake it sometime and see what I get now. Yeah I lived in Oklahoma most of my life and now live in Missouri. Some people here think they're southern...but they're NOT! lol. (Though Missouri is technically considered a southern state.)


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