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Hunger Relief International

What is Hunger Relief International? It is a company which was started by Rachel Zelon, who was the Vice President of International Programs for Feed The Children, Inc. She is the Executive Director & Director of Programs. I worked for her for almost a year doing volunteer work, filling out forms, and keeping track of budgets. The work that is being done in Haiti and Guatemala is amazing!

Where We Work

Haiti Orphanage Cazeau. Vegetables are planted in old tires since there is no space for an in ground garden.
(Found via HRI Facebook)

In Haiti we have several orphanages which we support thanks to the many churches who donate money to the programs such as: vegetable gardens, The Life Skills program, and The Goat Project (read this page to find out more about the programs in Haiti). Guatemala's projects include: vegetable gardens, School Feeding Program, Pre-K School Feeding Programs, 4 Her, and more. (Read about the work in Guatemala here.)

What We Do

Guatemala: HRI School Feedig Program in El Irayol. 200 children attend school in this village.

With money that is donated to this non-profit organization we are able to purchase food from local farmers thus putting value back into the country itself. This reduces transport costs since all the food is locally grown, and the children enjoy the food more since it is something from their own culture and grown in their own countries. This program has provided 601,570 meals to over 2,100 children in Haiti & Guatemala just in the first six months of this year! Wow, that is a lot of food!

In Haiti alone we are providing nutritional support for 28 orphanages and 1 school. These foods include rice, beans, pasta, and now corn meal! With more funding we are able to provide even more food options, and we are able to feed even more children.

How You Can Help
This non-profit company is run out of Oklahoma City, OK. If you don't live in the area but still feel like you could help there are several options where you can donate money for specific causes in either country or a one-time donation. For more details about donations please check out the DONATE page on the HRI website!

Palm Valley Church mission group at the Centre Chretien de L'enfant Haitien in Haiti.

There are also opportunities to go on MISSION TRIPS to either country and last about 6 days. The trips usually only have 10-18 people on them and the options include Haiti Orphanages, Guatemala City Slums, and Guatemala Rural Villages. You will have to send an email (which can be found on the Mission Trips page, linked above) to receive more information.

Sold by Do Good Buy Us

Another way you can help children is by purchasing this amazing coffee: Royal Antigua Coffee (Whole Bean) which is grown in Guatemala. I have actually tried it myself, as have many of the coffee drinkers in my family and they all LOVED it.

Keep In Touch
Make sure to check out HRI's FACEBOOK page and "like" it to see regular updates in your news feed. Also consider JOINING THE MAILING LIST (email) to receive updates on HRI programs.

The work going on in both of these countries really is awesome and I love being a part of it! Why don't you stop by the WEBSITE and check it out for yourself? Maybe today is the day you decide to do something for someone who will really appreciate it!

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