Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Wednesday Weekly Review #7

I think that this past week has gone by really well and I've gotten so much done! Just check out all the links I have below! It's been awhile since I've shared this much on a WWR! As always enjoy and leave comments!

1 On the Waiting List for Refashion Co-op!

Basically this is a site for Refashionista's to gather and share their projects. Unfortunately only 100 contributors can be present at any point in time so I have to wait for a slot to open up before I can begin contributing posts to this blog. In the meantime I am following by email and have already found a blog to follow!

2. Adorable Skirt Refashion via Recycled Fashion!

Isn't this skirt just adorable?! I love what she did with this "baggy pair of shorts"! The flowers are a nice touch too!

3. I am now a Thriftaholic via Meet Virginia!

Meet Virginia Design

The definition of Thriftaholic according to Morgan (writer of Meet Virginia) is: someone who LOVES to shop at thrift stores, score amazing deals, and finds beauty in things that once were. By that definition I decided to join the list of over 600 Thriftaholics! Wow! It will take me forever to look through all those blogs!

4. Self-Esteem Week via Speak To Me In Spanglish!

5 girls shared their stores and struggles with self esteem. Read about it and be encouraged!

5. I started following Stay Strong!

Although there aren't many posts, and the latest one is from January, I choose to hold hope that more posts will eventually pop up! She also has a Youtube channel showing different Apostolic Pentecostal hairstyle tutorials!

6. I started following The Lighthouse!

This is an Apostolic blog written by a preacher's daughter/youth director/former music teacher.

7. I started following Niki's Notebook!

I look forward to reading the fun posts Niki writes on fashion, diy crafting, and thrifting!

8. I started following Bramblewood Fashion!

I found this blog on a list of fashion bloggers and started following it because of all the unique posts and ideas. The one thing that really drew me in was the Anne of Green Gables Fashion Week posts! How fun is that? I have always been a huge AOGG fan!

9. I read this article about Olive Oil!
I loved this article because it listed 25 alternate uses for Olive Oil. I love OO and never would've thought to use it to remove paint from my skin (like when I paint a room I usually get it on my arms...this would've been helpful to know years ago!) or using it on my finger nails to help my cuticals stay soft. Lovely ideas! Read the list to check out the remaining 23 alternate uses!

10. I am partying over at This Gal Cooks on Mondays!

Check out Marvelous Mondays parties! There are lots of recipes, crafts, projects, and so much more!

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