Monday, September 3, 2012

50 Things About Autry That I Like

Floating around Pinterest are literally hundreds of photos which start with "Boys who...". Well I no longer wanted to keep the 80+ different ones I had pinned a very long time ago so I decided to make a list of everything Autry is from the Pin's I had saved. Of course, as I was going through the board I realized some of the pins really were quite silly so I deleted them...and then others were doubles of ones previously pinned, but I did come up with 50 things that fit him and that I like about him. So here goes...

My man...
1. texts me first.
2. reaches for my hand during a movie.
3. pulls me back for another kiss.
4. is older than me.
5. loves Jesus.
6. puts family first.
7. is patient.
8. whispers in my ear.
9. has ambition.
10. keeps the love letters I've written him.
11. will share his food/drink with me.
12. holds my hand when he's driving.
13. has a firm handshake.
14. smells good. Curve. :)
15. takes me out on dates.
16. has an amazing smile.
17. dresses simply.
18. has scars.
19. would call instead of texting.
20. tells me that I'm "beautiful" instead of "hot".
21. is a true southern gentleman.
22. cares about his mom.
23. is God-fearing.
24. knows when I'm having a bad day.
25. is good with kids.
26. smiles at me for no reason. :)
27. takes me out for ice cream dates.
28. can hold a long conversation with me.
29. loves to eat.
30. can sing...or at least I think he can.
31. wear's dress shirts with the sleeves rolled up.
32. gives me his hoddie when I'm cold.
33. is taller than me, but only by a little bit.
34. has mostly the same music taste as me: country and gospel.
35. loves me for me.
36. notices the little things.
37. say's, "I love you" and he means it.
38. isn't perfect but I love him that way.
39. writes.
40. lets me play with his hair.
41. is spontaneous.
42. loves telling people about me.
43. doesn't act different around his friends.
44. is adventurous.
45. won't let me leave angry.
46. smiles at me when we make eye contact.
47. would let me fall asleep in his arms.
48. teaches me about the Colts games/football.
49. likes smelling my hair and running his fingers through it.
50. will mouth "I love you" from across the room.


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