Thursday, September 6, 2012

Things I Heart | Summer Sandals

I know that summer is almost over, but I had to post these photos of adorable sandals that I absolutely love! I am trying to go through all of my Pinterest boards and delete what I can (I don't like having over 9,000 pins...) and one way I am doing that is posting the things I really do like. Here are seven pairs of sandals I found absolutely adorable while Pinning this summer.

From Maurices
Report Avocab Sandal from Buckle
Candie's Rhinestone Cluster Thong Flip-Flops from Kohls
Zebra Print Flip-Flops from Old Navy
Stary Night Jeweled Sandals from Mystique
Silver Crown from Mystique
Steve Madden. (Found via Pinterest)


  1. I love the lacy ones! Also the zebra print flip-flops. I love me some zebra print. :)

    1. Oh I love them too! I've looked for zebra flip-flops but they've never had my size lol. Oh well...they're more of a want and not a need.



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