Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Fall Style | Voting Day Outfit

Well, it's a little late, but I finally am getting it up!!! I am so backed up in my posts it's not even funny. I really don't understand why I'm so far behind. I used to do so well. Maybe it's because of everything in November with the new medicine I started and then being in bed all last week with migraines...that's probably it. Anyway, this is what I wore when Autry & I went to vote last week!!!

I'm sure you remember this fun photo from the post where I said I Voted! Did You? :)

White Ruffled Tank: Made by Me! (Refashioned)
Gray Cardigan: Julie's Closet (Thrifted)
Purple Skirt: Made by Me! (Refashioned)
Black Leggings: Miley Cyrus (WalMart)
Black Leg Warmers: From Rue21 (years ago)
Black Boots: l.e.i. (WalMart two years ago)

I was having a rough day that day so please excuse the obvious lack of enthusiasm in the photo just above lol. I had a few other cute photos...but they were really blurry so I couldn't exactly use them. :(

The purple skirt was made from a man's waffle shirt which was thrifted, of course, and then sewn into a skirt! I have all the photos for that post, it's just not put together yet!

Here you can see the beautiful butterfly detail on the back of the gray cardigan. This is my favorite part of the cardigan, and also the most annoying part because I have to make sure to wear a shirt which will cover all the entire butterfly in the back each time I put it on!

Although I was not feeling well that day I think my hair turned out quite adorable!

Hairstyle: Braided Side Bun
Swoop your hair off to one side of your head or the other. Start braiding away. I didn't secure my hair with a ponytail first because it didn't need it, but if yours does then you should do that before braiding! Once you finish the braid wrap your hair up in a bun and secure it well with as many bobby pins as you need! That's it! Very simple and easy!
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  1. Following on GFC, Pinterest and Facebook. Thanks for visiting my blog, glad to be your newest follower.

  2. Very nice refashioned tank! Also love that back piece of the cardigan. Cute.

    1. Thanks it's one of my favorites! I've actually bought three more shirts to do similar refashions on because it's SO perfect for wearing under cardigans and sweaters...which I literally wear every day! :)


  3. loving your hairstyle! M gonna try doing that:)

    1. Thank you! Awesome!!! You should totally post pics on your blog when you do! :)


  4. Super cute! I would totally wear this outfit! The cardigan is adorable. :)


  5. My first thought was: what an awesome top! AND THEN I READ YOU MADE IT! Amazing :)

    x Angie

    1. :) WOW thanks! Yeah I LOVE to sew and I've made most of my own clothes that are currently in my closet right now!



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