Thursday, November 15, 2012

A Week of Thanks | Day 1: Nice Things

I wanted to do a series of posts on things I was thankful for since it is close to Thanksgiving (one week away from today to be exact!) but I didn't want it to be one of those long drawn out and boring things that just take forever...and I personally didn't want to write a bunch of posts so I figured a weeks' worth would be absolutely perfect!!! :) Each day I will share something(s), someone, etc. that I am thankful for and why. I hope you will enjoy this mini-series and will be thinking of your own things you are thankful for as you prepare for the Thanksgiving holiday! Other posts in this series: #2 A Good Car, #3 Nephews & Nieces, #4 My Savior, #5 Healing, #6 Together, and #7 Time.

Day 1: I am thankful for Nice Things!

What dose nice things mean to me? It means I have a house with glass windows, and firm brick walls. It means I have a very comfortable bed to sleep in each night, it means a closet jam packed full of clothes that even though they were bought at thrift stores they are still really nice. It means appreciating the things I have been able to find for amazing deals for my future home with Autry...all the boxes which have taken over a good portion of what is my bathroom/closet/storage room. These are just a few things, but really there are many more. I have a beautiful laptop which I was able to buy back when I was in college, I have lovely furniture which was given to my mom and now she's given it to me for when I get married to Autry...the list would go on and on if I let it! I am truly thankful to have the things I do because I know that I could lose it all rather quickly whether it be tornado (hey, I am from Oklahoma y'all), or there are other possibilities I won't name even though I don't really believe in bad luck...but still... I do appreciate the nice things I have! :)


  1. this is a good Paul says, we must learn to be content..with much or with little. When's the big day?

    1. Yes I have read that too :) Actually we're not really sure, it was supposed to be in October, but obviously that didn't happen. Now we are praying and hoping things will work out for January or February!



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