Thursday, November 29, 2012

10 Day YOU Challenge | 1 Photo

I am really sad that this is the last day for this challenge! :( I have to say that I've really enjoyed writing these posts and linking up with BlogLoveTherapy each week for the last 10 weeks! I have also enjoyed reading others posts from the link up and getting to know a few more people! If you come across this at a later time, the link up IS open for a full year so be sure to hop over to BlogLoveTherapy and link up your individual posts to each link party!

Just a few days ago I was taking one of the first photos for my winter style posts. I was out in the back yard and Buddy, my parents dog, really wanted in the pics bad. I just decided to give up and take pics with him. Only a few turned out, but I LOVE this one.

Buddy is my blogging partner in crime, he is also my snuggle bug when I feel bad (he will come lay in bed next to me and give me kisses), and he will watch me do my projects or sew or he will fall asleep curled up by my feet. I love Buddy & will miss him a lot when Autry & I get married.

P.S. outfit post coming on Tuesday for the first Winter Style post!!!

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  1. Aww, what a cutie! :)
    I totally missed this weeks 10 Day Challenge post. lol. I'm a bad bad blogger. :P
    But I was busy... crocheting!


    1. Haha's not too late to post! :) And thanks! He is a sweet heart, except for when he tries to go after the neighbors or the neighborhood cats lol.



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