Thursday, October 18, 2012

10 Day YOU Challenge | 7 Wants


1. To be married to Autry. We were hoping to be married in October, but obviously October is almost over now and that has not happened. There is a reason for that though. We bought a car and some things decided to break so we had to fix them and our money went down. Now we are saving money up again so we can get married hopefully in January or February...back to the original plan.

Although this is a teacup Morkie, this shows the coloring of the one I want.
(photo via Cassie's Closet)

2. To own lots of animals. This includes 5 dogs: 2 Husky's, 1 German Shepherd, 1 Morkie (Maltese/Yorkie mix), 1 Border Collie; a milk cow, chickens, a rabbit, a horse, and anything else I may think of or come across abandoned in the next 60+ years. :)

3. To be a mommy. I want to have a lot of kids. I tell Autry I want 10 kids. He says I can have as many kids as long as it's safe for me to have them... He wants four.

4. To be able to drive again. It has been over a year since I've been behind the wheel of a car. And before that it was about seven months. I would like to have that independence back again, but I may not get that back. This is definitetly on my want list!

(photo via It's Abby Normal)

5. To have really long hair. I want my hair to be at least to my knees. I used to want it to be at my bum, but then I changed my mind... As long as it will grow is as long as it will stay!

6. To have healthy and good pregnancy's...if I can have kids. One of my fears from last week is that I wouldn't be able to have kids, but should I be able to have them I do hope that I won't be in bed sick all the time like my mom was. I don't remember what she had but I know that it was really hard for her and I really hope that it's not something that passes along the bloodline.

7. To always be happy. A crazy want...but I think I can have it. I don't have to have a lot of things to be happy and I have Autry and my family so life is good. :)

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  1. Omgosh, that dog is adorable! I want one now too!!

    Wow, how long does it take to grow hair out that long?

    Great list. Love your number 7!

    1. I know aren't they?! :)

      Well...I think she has actually never cut her hair...but I plan to grow my hair and not cut it ever I take Biotin which really helps with hair growth (and nails too!) and has been working great so far.

      Thank you. :)


  2. i didn't cut my hair til 15! and i have a morkie--he's on my blog today, actually. following ya!!

  3. I'm so with you on wanting lots of animals on very long hair :)

    Found you threw the That Friday Hop

    Beauty Flawed

  4. Your Queen Mum had Hyperemesis Gravidarum. Basically that means I threw up all the time. You can visit this site where you will find encouragement or information:


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