Monday, October 1, 2012

Date Night | High School Football Game

This past Friday night Autry was able to go in to work he got off early too...which was lovely! There was a football game down at the high school and we went up there for the night. I had never been to any football games before and I really went VERY unprepared...but regardless I had a blast! I really do suggest this as a date night since a) it only cost us $3 per adult (so $6 for both of us) and $3 for the one Frito Chili Pie we bought there, oh and the $1 glow Sometimes I think Autry is still living his childhood... All together the date cost about $11 (if you count the gas money for the three minute drive over there, too).

I did remember to bring my own water bottle which was good cuz I get so thirsty when I'm out. Thank goodness Autry was burning up cuz I don't know what I would've done if he hadn't of let me wear his jacket!

For Future Reference
The next football game I go to I will remember these two very important things:

~bring a blanket to wrap up in!!!
~wear a tank top, long sleeve shirt, AND a hoodie (I wore a thin shirt and a cardigan...yeah I didn't realize it'd be so cold. I also had leggings and long socks on under my skirt...and I would've worn leg warmers if they weren't still packed in a box!)

Here are a few photos from our night out.

We had a great time!

Notice the "halo", aka glow stick, around his head.

I knew he was being silly! haha.

To view my outfit from this date check out this post!


  1. I love the pictures!! I must know what a Frito Chili Pie is? - I've never heard of such a thing.

    1. Seriously?! I love it! It's just chili, frito chips, and cheese sauce or shredded cheese on top. It is SO good! I will probably be posting a recipe for it some time this fall!

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