Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Confessor's White Dress Post #2 Adding The Sleeves

Yesterday I gave Sneak Peek of my Confessor dress and how it was coming along. I usually do posts long after the project is completed, but this one is so different and exciting that I just can't hold it in until it's done!!!

Today I've managed to add on both of the sleeves. I hope to add the hood later on this evening, but for now the only change in the dress is that it is no longer sleeveless! I have to say that it feels very awesome wearing this dress! :)

I had to make pieces of fabric big enough to cover the arm hole I had made in the beginning.

Once the sleeves were attached at the arm pit area I was able to slim them down to give them a fitted look.

I added one sleeve at a time. I think it kind of makes me look armless...

Now I have two sleeves!!!

The next part I am going to work on is the hood. Once that is complete I will be able to finish the front of the dress and then the outer layer (this part of the dress you see now) will be done. All I will have left is all the under layers to piece together and sew. Those will be much easier to do!

This photo shows the general idea of what look I was going for when I created the sleeves:

Screen Capture via Netflix.
The Legend of the Seeker Season 1: Episode 1: Prophecy.

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