Monday, October 29, 2012

Monthly: Top 5 Blogging Tips #2

Welcome to the second collection of blogging tips! In case you missed my post from last month here is a quick review of the topics covered: Create your own favicon, create a blog button, bloggers photo limit and how to fix it, add the "Pin It" button, join Bloglovin'. (I'm on Bloglovin' too!!)

This month I started up a lot of different posts for the Blogging Tips topic, but was only able to finish one of them...and that one is listed below at #3!

Tip #1 Have the Follow via Email Option!
This is SO easy to add to your blog! I know that when I'm looking at a new blog I ALWAYS search for an email box so that I can follow that way and keep up with the latest posts. This is the best way to gain new readers and I highly recommend it. In Blogger go to Layout and click "add a gadget" scroll down and add "follow by email". There you go! All set! Easy as that.

Tip #2 Sippy Cups & Pearls: Blogging For Newbies: Fixing The Annoyances!
This is a wonderful blog which I have been following for quite some time via email and just yesterday I saw where she was starting up her own series of tips for new bloggers! I really wanted to share this first post because she shares with you how to fix the No Reply Blogger problem (which can be a HUGE deal in the blogging world!!) and she also talks about turning off the annoying word verification. I have the word verification off on my blog BUT I always monitor each comment that is left so no comment is published on my blog unless I publish it. This way no spam will ever end up on any of my posts.

Tip #3 Prewrite Posts & Schedule Them To Publish Automatically!
Earlier this month I was in the middle of writing a blog post when, quite by accident, I discovered how to schedule posts to publish automatically. This has become a lifesaver and time saver and been a great way for me to participate in more challenges since I can prewrite so many things and schedule them to come out on the days they need to be published! This is a must read for busy bloggers!

Tip #4 DONT post as Anonymous!!
This is SO huge in the blogging world! If you are a fellow blogger, then there is absolutely NO reason for you to post as such, but many people may try to leave comments on my blog because they don't realize it's so easy to leave a comment with their name included! View this short post so you can easily explain to your readers (or your grandma!) so that you will have fewer comments from "anonymous" on your blog!

Tip #5 Center Those Sponsor Buttons!
There is nothing more distracting than a messy sidebar! Get all those buttons in line by centering them! It's SO easy and only takes a few minutes per button. Plus, if you keep up with it for every new button you add you won't have a ton of work to do later on down the road when you have a ton of Blog Hops or Parties you attend stuck on your side bars! Even if you put these on a separate page on your blog you should STILL center them!!! People are always looking at your blog and you should present a nice clean and tidy space so that it's easy to follow, this one thing helps a TON!

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