Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Blogging Tips | Schedule Posts To Publish Automatically

Bloggers I have something you need to know if you don't already! There is a way to write blog posts ahead of time and SCHEDULE them so that they will post whenever you want them to and you can pick the time too! So if you wanted to post three different things one day you can plan WHEN they will publish onto your blog!

Let me show you how to do this!

1. Go into your draft post you want to publish. Click on "schedule" which will be on the very left side of your draft page.

2. The little blue dot will be on "automatic" change that to "set date and time". Now click on the day you want the post to go out. And at the time just type in the time you want the post to publish. Make sure to add AM or PM. Click "done".

As you can see I already have a few of my verse of the day's ready to go for this weekend! :)

3. Once you finish your post click "publish". Don't worry! It's not going to publish to your blog home page, but will actually sit in a brand new folder "Scheduled".

There you go! I am LOVING this new feature! I already have ALL the posts for this month written and scheduled for Exercise Encouragement Group! And I've been able to get my posts over at Refashion Co-op ready for this month as well (still have the very last one to finish up, but I'll get it there eventually!).

I hope that if you didn't know about this you will be surprised and delighted to know about this neat feature our blogs have that we didn't even know about! :)

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  1. Nice tip thanks for sharing !! And also for being so nice to stop by my blog and appreciate my new skirt.. Have a nice day

  2. i love this!! i use it all the time :)


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