Monday, October 15, 2012

DIY Duct Tape on Cardboard

I am so excited to share this with you! I was reading a post somewhere and a commenter said that they would wrap their duct tape on cardboard to save space in their BOB (Bug Out Bag). I loved the idea, and got to work figuring out how I wanted to wrap it up. This project took me and my sister to complete, but if you get it done with just one person: congrats! We wrapped two rolls of duct tape so far. I'm sure we will be wrapping many more since there are 10 people living here!

I already had the zebra duct tape on hand; no I didn't buy it with survivalism in mind!

What You Need
~A strip of cardboard to wrap duct tape around
~Clear packing tape
~A new (or used) roll of duct tape
~Another person


1. Open the roll of duct tape.

2. I am prepping for outdoor survivalism so Autry got me the hunting camo duct tape.

3. Take the clear boxing tape and wrap the piece of cardboard. I did this so that every bit of duct tape could be used and none of it wasted.

4. Now the cardboard will look like this.

5. Start the duct tape a good bit toward the middle of the cardboard.

6. Grab a partner and start wrapping. This part will take a while. One person will hold the cardboard and stick the tape to the cardboard as the other person unwraps the tape from the roll. Remember to keep the  tape tight between both people so that it won't bubble up.

That's it! Now you will have a fairly flat piece of cardboard wrapped in duct tape and it will take up a lot less room in your BOB!

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