Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Date Night | Work a Puzzle

A date idea by Blue Eyed Beauty Blog: work a puzzle together.

This idea really could take a LONG time to complete. It took us about a month to complete our 1000 piece puzzle. It could be a great way to spend time together without the distractions of internet, television, going out somewhere, etc. Plan an easy to eat lunch/dinner to enjoy while you are working the puzzle so you don't have to leave it. That is what we did on the first day of the puzzle.

Pick out something you both want to work on.

Go to the store together and pick out a puzzle you both like. It doesn't have to be 1000 pieces, or it could be more than that. It all depends on how much time you want to spend on working this puzzle. If you think you will only be able to work on it for the one night then try a 100-500 piece puzzle.

We worked on our puzzle the first day almost all day long, we enjoyed pizza (using pizza leftover from a previous date and saved in the freezer...see the post Pizza In The Freezer). I wanted the puzzle on something so that it could easily be moved around so we cut a cardboard box and duct taped the openings so that none of the pieces would get lost. We did discover that a great storage place for the puzzle while we weren't working it is under the couch! This kept the puzzle safe from paws and feet!

About two weeks into the project.

The next few weeks we--but mostly me--would pull out the puzzle and work on it for an hour or so and then put it back under the couch until the next day. Slowly the puzzle started to take shape. I did come to realize that a more blurred puzzle (less defined images in the picture) was a lot harder than I had imagined. I also figured out that Autry's thoughts of doing a puzzle was putting a few pieces in every now and then...but that was alright because I really did enjoy working on the puzzle. It was a blast for me. We did start it together, he did help a lot on the middle parts, and we finished the last pieces together!

The finished puzzle! I love everything about it EXCEPT the 'frame'. It wasn't actually puzzle pieces and it wasn't the frame I thought it would be. Maybe when we frame this we will be able to keep the frame from showing.

This is a fairly inexpensive yet fun date night idea. We bought our puzzle at WalMart. I told Autry it had to be something we would use in the house because I really hate to buy things (especially brand new) and then never use it again! This puzzle came in a kit with the glue to put it all together and hang on the wall. I love the way the finished puzzle looks! It is amazing and I am so glad he had the idea for us to work a puzzle together!

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