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The Survivalist Post #1 | Introduction To This Series

As many of you readers know, and some of you are about to find out, I am a Survivalist! I'm actually fairly new to all of this stuff...and have SO much to learn and do to actually be prepared for different situations. My main concern is the fact that Obama is going to remain president and will therefore pose a continuing threat to people like me who like our freedom of speech, the right to bear arms (own guns...INCLUDING guns that hold more than 10 rounds thank you!), and keeping our money in our OWN pockets!!!

I may be new to the world of prepping, but that world is not new to me! I have been around it for a while so I have a lot of information to draw from already! I have been able to put together the best BOB that I can for now, and little by little Autry & I will buy something to add to our bag to make it better. Here is a list of 60+ General Things For Your BOB to get you started. If you are interested in reading how I got into all of this then here is the post you should start with!

For over two months now I have been following The Survivalist Blog via email. I've greatly enjoyed the information I've had time to read (there is SO much I have yet to read that I save in a separate folder for when I have spare time!!). This is the one and only blog I've really kept up with as far as information sources go. I do follow other Survivalist blogs which you can find on my Survivalist page!

One thing which is discussed often on The Survivalist Blog is the fact that prepping is a weekly thing: Something you should be doing all the time, not something you should rush out and do once and spend a bunch of money on. I know that Autry & I have found it much easier and a whole lot less stressful to write out a list of things we would like to have/prep and then slowly buy things to check off that list. As an encouragement to readers, and myself, I am going to start sharing updates each Monday with you all on how our Prepping is going!

Everything we do isn't about spending money either!!! Sometimes there are things on our lists that we have to research and figure out where to buy the item, or when we find where to buy it...which one we want. For example we need to find a good solid knife with a full blade which runs all the way to the end of the handle....this is something that I've been looking for and have yet to find. I've looked for over a month now, but have had no luck as of yet. Some things will just take time, and that is why it is necessary to prep by week, and not all at once!

I am working on putting up the post of what all I currently have in my BOB, but it has over 60 items in just the BOB itself (and it's not even full!!) and that doesn't include some of the really important stuff which we're still working on purchasing! I really do hope to have that post/list up by the end of this month though so I'll be working away on that really hard the next few weeks!

Today I will share with you what we did last week to prep! I have more of a mental list, and random sticky notes all over the place with different things on it that I need for our BOB and Prepping...I wanted to stop at WalMart and check the prices on several items before I decided what exactly I would buy, but we didn't find some of those things which means we will have to continue the search elsewhere.

Last week we were pricing or purchasing:
Up at the registers I found the pack of 7 for $1.97!
~Small LED Flashlight
We priced these. I want a Coleman. It's about $19. See below for similar picture.
~550 lb. Paracord 100 ft.
We didn't actually have time to look for or ask about this.
~Water purification tablets
None to be found. We looked in the hunting & camping departments. This WalMart does not sell it apparently, so well will have to look elsewhere...
~Packages of spam, chicken, or tuna
We decided to wait on these, but I do want to add some protein to our BOB.
We priced these. Both of us want different knives. I don't remember the details about mine very well, but see below for details about the one Autry would like to get.

Here are the things we purchased last week for our BOB & Prepping!
Emergency Blankets found in the Camping Department. $3 each
Lighters found at the Registers. $2
4 Boxes of Baking Soda. $0.54 each
There are a TON of uses for baking soda, but that is for another post!
This Coleman flashlight is similar to the one I want to get.
Gerber Bear Grylls Paracord Fixed Blade Knife. This one cost about $25. Autry likes this one. I didn't like it because it didn't have a solid handle...I do like that it had the paracord around the handle, but I would much rather a solid handle to the paracord if I'm gonna spend money on a knife.
I didn't find a picture of the knife I wanted, but it was really nice and only around $30 which really isn't bad at all. It had a solid blade all the way through the handle which is an important thing to look for in a knife. I do hope to get that knife or one similar soon!
Anyway, I hope you've enjoyed this post! I almost feel as excited as I did the day I declared myself a Survivalist!!! It's an excited feeling. Kind of an adrenaline rush I suppose...possibly like those that people get on roller coasters, only I wouldn't know cuz I've never been on one. :)
The Survivalist Post: #1 November 12, 2012: Introduction To This Series, #2 November 19, 2012: States to Secede, A Week Long Study, #3 November 26, 2012: 5 Things You Can Do To Prep For Winter, #4 December 3, 2012: What I Did This Week & Updates.

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  1. Thanks, lady! Followin' back!!! PS, love this post, DH and I have been meaning to stock up on a few gallons of water and such...not preppers really by any means, but meaning to get better!!!

    1. I know what you mean! With winter coming up extra gallons of water are never a bad thing to have in stock!! I'm fairly new to prepping/survivalist things myself as far as actually 'doing' anything, but I must say that I love it!


  2. The subject of being a survivalist has come up alot lately. I'll have to check out that blog link.

    1. Well there is a really good reason for it. I know a lot of people think that we are just scared, or that we're paranoid...but I really don't care what people think. I'd much rather be prepared and not have to use the knowledge or things I prepped then not have that stuff should the time arrive that I need/needed it.


  3. This is really interesting! I'm going to have to read more about this, as I have no idea what the heck BOB stands for. I'm off to read the link you posted about how you started, before I ask questions you probably already addressed. lol. My Fiance & I want to live off the grid so bad, we talk about selling our house & living on a chunk of land until we can build what we need. Ah, dream big right? I really do despise living in the city, especially this one! Anyway... Off to read more. :)

    Keeping PLUS in a MINUS World

    1. Oh how awesome! I know I'd love that myself, but we're not able to get to that point yet. Until then I can just keep learning and doing what I can and sharing that information with others!!! Feel free to email me any time. You still have my email right?


  4. After going through Hurricane Sandy and then the Nor'easter I'm thinking more about prepping than I had before. DH & I were lucky; we only lost power for several days but there are others that we know that have lost everything and seeing the pictures of the devastation is heartbreaking.

    But after watching the news reports of people getting into physical confrontations while waiting in a gas line really shook me up. Here in the Northeast if there is ever a major crisis (like an EMP) if we are not prepared we will be doomed.

    1. Yes that is something to really thing about! So many people aren't prepared and because of that there will be a lot of problems (like the people fighting at the gas line). My boyfriend went through huricane Katrina. People were killing eachother over water! I was shocked! I guess times like that really do bring out the worst in some people.



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