Thursday, November 29, 2012

No More Cookies! :(

Do you remember the post I wrote for the 10 Day You Challenge where I shared my 5 Foods? Well my super awesome boyfriend found out I liked Lofthouse cookies and bought me some not long after that!!

And I made those cookies last quite a long time, but they finally ran out. So now I am cookie-less and sad. :( They are so awesome! I seriously need to figure out how to make them myself because I'm sure they'd probably be a lot less bad for me than the ones you buy at a store. Or perhaps this is just my excuse for justifying why I should learn to make them myself lol.

Yes, that's a pitiful sad face, I know lol.

Another side fact: I will use my finger and get every last bit of the icing out of the box! See, sparkling clean! Haha. Man I love those... :)


  1. Those look SO awesome! that last picture, hahaha! aww :(

    1. Lol yes I could sit and eat the whole box at once, but I try to make them last as long as I possibly can!



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