Monday, November 19, 2012

The Survivalist Post #2 | States to Secede, A Week Long Study

Happy Monday everyone!! For those who may be new to my blog, this is a once a week series in which I share my thoughts on politics, survivalist things, and prepping! I only post about these things on Monday so as not to put a damper on the other fun things I love to blog about throughout the week! :)

Just last Monday I was reading through my email and I saw where The Survivalist Blog had shared an interesting tidbit on the post Monday Miscellany. The White House website now has secession petitions from 20 states. Before last Monday I knew nothing about all of the other states. I knew about Texas, but was quite surprised by some of the others...not saying that this is a bad thing though. I think it is a great thing that these people do realize that things are not right and need to be taken care of.

(photo via Politico, editing by me)
The map I created on November 12, 2012

Day 1: November 12th. I decided to create a map to compare the difference between the election results and the petitions to secede and what states they were coming from. As of this point I was only aware of 22 states with petitions (some with multiple petitions turned in, see below).

All the November 13th 2012! Wow, just in one day practical all of the states had turned in a petition, and every RED state for sure had a petition in!

Day 2: November 13th. As you can see, in just one day HUGE difference in the two maps above. Now there is a total of 40 states who have turned on petitions to seceded. Over half of the current petitions from yesterday have tripled in numbers of signatures. 5 have reached the goal of 25,000 signatures (Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, and Texas). Many new petitions were added, some states now have multiple petitions running now where they didn't before.

Day 3: November 14th. Finally! A petition to Impeach Obama has been created...actually the date says it was created on November 11th, but I just ran across it today...I honestly feel this would be a lot easier on everyone than states seceding from the United States. It currently has 9,185 signatures. States added to the Hawaii, Iowa, Maine, Massachusetts, VirginiaWashington. The completed petitions (they reached the goal of 25,000 signatures or more) now have a minimum of 2,000-7,000 more signatures depending on which one I looked at. I checked all the other petitions and the number jumps were HUGE! Anywhere from 1,000-10,000 signatures or more on most of them! States to reach goal today: North Carolina, Tennessee.

Day 4: November 15th. Four days into this study. I'm getting ready to start looking at results of what all the petitions look like now. The petition for Obama to be impeached went from 9,185 to 25,647 signatures in ONE day! Wow! Texas' petition hit over 109,000 signatures! The other finished petitions added over 2,000 new signatures since yesterday. Most of the petitions which were not completed also added 2,000 or more signatures since yesterday. The petition with the least difference in signatures added today was North Dakota's. No new states petitions to pass the 25,000 signature mark today. I did find a few more petitions however: Connecticut, Maryland, Vermont

Day 5: November 16th. According to this article on The Blaze, the individual states no longer have a right to secede from the union. I don't know if this is true or not, but reading through this was interesting. On to today's count...I wonder what new things I will discover today. I think there's a possibility for 5 of the petitions to hit target or beyond at the rate signatures have been piling on. Let's see if I'm right. Well so far signatures are at a low of 50 and a high of 800 being a normal adding rate. Well I was surprised that none reached goal. It seems that signing petitions has slowed down quite a bit since yesterday. Now to look at those which have passed goal to see how much they've grown! The Texas petition went from 109,000+ to 112,000+ overnight! The others gained 1,000+ signatures each.

Day 6: November 17th. Just checking numbers today...I haven't seen anything interesting otherwise. Average adding signatures 120-300 signatures; much lower than even yesterday's signature rates. The only petition past 25,000 to add even more signatures than a small amount was the Texas petition; another thousand was added overnight; now it is over 113,000. The petition for Obama to be impeached gained over 2,000 signatures since yesterday. The petition to recount the election gained another thousand signatures since yesterday. I did find a petition which is Do NOT Reinstate the Federal "Assault Weapons Ban" of 1994. It currently has almost 6,000 signatures on it. Petition requiring a government issued photo I.D. to Vote. 5,314 signatures so far.

Day 7: November 18th. Well, today is the last day I will be doing this update on a daily basis. I will be checking these numbers at least once a week and will be keeping them fairly up to date here on my blog so by each Monday (that's my plat at least). The Assault Weapons petition gained over 2,000 signatures since yesterday, that's a good sign. Both the Florida and Texas petitions added another 1,000 signatures since yesterday. They have already reached the goal of 25,000. The others had much smaller gains. As for the petitions not yet to reach goal, they gained anywhere from 50-300 new signatures since yesterday. Indian had the most gains today with over 400 signatures putting it at 21,000+ so it is getting close to reaching the mark! Arizona also gained over 400 signatures as well.

Before You Continue On, Please Read!
As I said in Day 7, I plan to keep up with these petitions I have listed below. I will try and update them at least by Monday of each week so that they are fairly current. I think it is really interesting and our country is for sure going through a difficult time. This is a full and complete list of the petitions to secede for the 50 states. That is as of 11/19/2012. There are more than 50 petitions however, so I've tried to link each one that I could find. I may find more or be informed of more after that and then I'll make sure to link them up as well. This was a study purely to pass time and see the results of other people's interest in the petitions and to see how popular they were/are. Please be respectful of my blog and my readers if you do leave me a comment. Thank you!


Now...If you are like me and found this interesting and don't like the way things are you may want to sign the petition for your state. If so here are the links for the states which have submitted petitions thus far....but before you sign a petition for ANY state you should contact the state's representative or governor to be sure this is something that the state actually wants. According to this article Rick Perry, Governor of Texas, says that he never said anything about seceding from the US. He does say this though: "When we came into the nation in 1845, we were a republic, we were a stand-alone nation, and one of the deals was, we can leave anytime we want. So we’re kind of thinking about that again."

For each state listed the time to sign is by December 10, 2012.
Each petition needs 25,000 signatures.
Arizona. Has 24,053. Needs goal by December 10th.
Arkansas. Has 23,567. Needs goal by December 10th.
California. Has 15,238. Needs goal by December 11th.
Colorado. Has 22,786. Needs goal by December 10th.
Connecticut. Has 3,922. Needs goal by December 12th.
Delaware. Has 7,811. Needs goal by December 10th.
Hawaii. Has 4,281. Needs goal by December 12th.
Idaho. Has 6,458. Needs goal by December 11th.
Illinois. Has 5,457. Needs goal by December 11th.
Indiana. Has 21,990. Needs goal by December 10th
Iowa. Has 5,285. Needs goal by December 11th.
Kentucky. Has 19,396. Needs goal by December 10th.
Maine. Has 4,352. Needs goal by December 12th.
Maryland. Has 4,185. Needs goal by December 12th.
Massachusetts. Has 4,262. Needs goal by December 12th.
Michigan. Has 20,033. Needs goal by December 10th.
Minnesota. Has 5,823. Needs goal by December 11th.
Mississippi. Has 18,908. Needs goal by December 9th.
Montana. Has 13,778. Needs goal by December 10th.
Nebraska. Has 7,400. Needs goal by December 12th.
Nevada. Has 10,715. Needs goal by December 10th.
New Hampshire. Has 5,647. Needs goal by December 11th.
New Jersey. Has 14,496. Needs goal by December 10th.
New Mexico. Has 5,371. Needs goal by December 12th.
New York. Has 15,409. Needs goal by December 10th.
North Dakota. Has 11,752. Needs goal by December 10th.
Oregon. Has 15,039. Needs goal by December 10th.
Pennsylvania. Has 9,285. Needs goal by December 11th.
Rhode Island. Has 4,834. Needs goal by December 11th.
South Dakota. Has 6,722. Needs goal by December 11th.
Vermont. Has 2,663. Needs goal by December 13th.
Washington. Has 4,609. Needs goal by December 13th.
West Virginia. Has 8,094. Needs goal by December 11th.
Wisconsin. Has 7,397. Needs goal by December 11th.
Wyoming. Has 9,350. Needs goal by December 12th.

 A few States have more than one Petition:
For some reason these states have more than one petition running.

First Petition. Has 8,107. Needs goal by December 11th.
Second Petition. Has 4,573. Needs goal by December 10th.

First Petition. Over 32,300 signatures!
Second Petition. Has 12,476. Needs goal by December 10th.
Third Petition. Has 8,373. Needs goal by December 11th.

First Petition. Has 8,862. Needs goal by December 11th.
Second Petition. Has 4,219. Needs goal by December 11th.

First Petition. Has 13,867. Needs goal by December 10th.
Second Petition. Has 20,619. Needs goal by December 10th.

First Petition. Has 8,683. Needs goal by December 12th.
Second Petition. Has 4,796. Needs goal by December 12th.

First Petition. Has 18,374. Needs goal by December 10th.
Second Petition. Has 9,627. Needs goal by December 11th.

South Carolina
 First Petition. Has 15,346. Needs goal by December 10th.
Second Petition. Over 25,000 signatures!

First Petition. Has 8,453. Needs goal by December 11th.
Second Petition. Needs. Has 6,955. Needs goal by December 11th.

First Petition. Needs. Has 9,133. Needs goal by December 11th.
Second Petition. Needs. Has 5,208. Needs goal by December 11th.
Third Petition. Needs. Has 5,609. Needs goal by December 11th.

Goal Reached!
Alabama. Over 30,500 signatures! Exp. December 9th.
Florida. Over 35,100 signatures!
Louisiana. Over 37,100 signatures! Exp. December 7th.
North Carolina. Over 30,500 signatures! Exp. December 9th.
Tennessee. Over 31,400 signatures!
Texas. Over 119,100 signatures! Exp. December 9th.

Of course a LOT of states are not listed yet, I don't know anything about creating a petition, but maybe you do or someone you know does...all I know is that this link was provided on The White House website if you were interested in creating your own petition.

I had to search for the Texas petition since it was already completed and in that search I found the website United State of Texas. This link takes you to a petition for the state of Texas to secede from the United States and "from a more perfect union" which would be called The Republic of Texas. Eligible petitioners are voters in the United States who desire to become citizens of the Republic of Texas and voters who are Citizens of the State of Texas.

Petitions To Stay In The US
North Carolina. Has 2,422. Needs goal by December 13th.

Other Interesting Petitions
~Obama to be Impeached Over 39,700.
~Recount the Election! Over 64,800.
~Do NOT Reinstate the Federal "Assault Weapons Ban" of 1994. Has 12,325. Needs goal by December 13th.
~Implement Voter I.D. into Federal Law, requiring all voters to present a government issued photo I.D. to vote. Has 8,891. Needs goal by December 12th.

Authors Note
~If you know of any other petitions I should add to the list please leave me the link and I'll check it out! Thank you!
~Also, please leave nice comments...I did this as a fun study just for curiosity. I'm Republican and proud to be so. I am not here to stomp on anyone else's beliefs.

The Survivalist Post: #1 November 12, 2012: Introduction To This Series, #2 November 19, 2012: States to Secede, A Week Long Study, #3 November 26, 2012: 5 Things You Can Do To Prep For Winter, #4 December 3, 2012: What I Did This Week & Updates.


  1. That's really interesting! I'm impressed you tracked the results for a week.

    I was born and grew up in Texas for 23 years, so this study surprises me not at all. For some reason in Texas, being Republican = being Christian. (All of my family is Republican, and I have nothing against Republicans, but I don't think it's the same as being Christian) Also, to most the people I know in Texas, President Obama is a socialist and is basically the anti-Christ (not kidding. I've heard that multiple times), so it makes sense they would want to leave the United States.

    However, I think the people who sign the petition are like toddlers. Their person didn't win the election, so now they are quitting the country. Wait, what? I think it's better to have a little bit of humility and realize that even if Obama thinks about things a little bit differently than Republicans, it doesn't mean he is a hateful evil person. It just means he has different opinions and viewpoints than others. And what's sad to me is that freedom of speech and the opportunity to disagree is a foundational part of the US. So now these people want to secede just because somebody got elected that they don't like. Mind blowing.

    1. Thanks MaryBeth! Near the end I was like, okay...I'm ready for once a week lol. Um, to me Republican does not equal Christian. I know a lot of them who are and a ton who arent, but I know what you mean.

      As far as people signing them...I think there's a deeper issue there. I think a lot of people are upset at the way things went with the first 4 years and then with all the voting fraud and everything and him being reelected the country really is split in half. Half democratic, half republican. Plus you have those who want to keep their guns and are not happy with the way he is taking action agains that. I think there's a lot more to it than, 'oh our guy didn't win lets throw a fit.'


  2. I'm not ready to enter into a political debate and I'm not sure I want to. I think there are much more interesting things to discuss in this world than politics. ;)

    But I do wonder... do all of the people signing petitions for secession actually know what they are asking for? Have they thought about the ramifications of a state leaving the union? What that means to the state budgets, how laws will be made/enforced in the future, to transportation issues across state borders, to US commerce, taxes, employment in companies that are national or international, to... a huge number of other issues. Do people really KNOW what they are asking for?

    1. I have wondered that myself, and I really don't know the answer to that question. That is something I've thought of myself and it really would be difficult for many of the states who have turned in petitions (although some of those peitions have yet to meet 25,000 signatures) to actually be successful on their own.


  3. OMGosh why would you post something like this. Adding fuel to the fire. People as sore because they lost their ideas of a fair election. I thought this was about quilting.

    1. I understand your frustration, but this is current news and I am a bored person trapped at home with not much to do so I was glad to have a new topic to study. I do write plenty of other posts about sewing though! :)


    2. Agreed with Sewing Junkie. It is really so childish to throw a fit and try to stomp out of your country like a child storming out of a room because you didn't get your way. (Not you specifically Helen, but these petitions).

    3. I understand what you mean Kristina! Thanks for sharing your opinion! :)


  4. Very interesting study, Helen! My husband mentioned this to me last week, but I had no idea how many states were involved.

    I think in all the political debate, Christians need to remember ~ On Christ the solid Rock I stand, all other ground is sinking sand. Leaving the USA won't change that, if they become their own country or if they move elsewhere.

    1. Thanks Kathy! Yes, all the states have a petition submitted, but not all have reached the 25,000 signature mark so they may not end up being looked at in the end.

      I completely agree. I think that secession has its place, but I don't feel that now is the time.


    2. i think the total is 572,413 out of about 300,000,000. the number of states represented is irrelevant. i'm brave, but i ain't stupid.

  5. I saw this and read about it briefly. It is very interesting to see all of the numbers for each state together. Nice work!

    After seeing that half of the country is not happy with the way things are going, I am not surprised to see these petititons. It really is not that easy to succeed....I am sure they are just trying to make a point and hoping that this administration will listen. Sadly, they don't have a track record of listening to people that don't agree with them.

    Anyhoo.....I enjoy the variety that you have on your blog!! Politics and all!

    Your blogging friend,

    1. Yes I know what you mean! Thank you for your support Nonny! :) :)



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