Thursday, November 22, 2012


To all you lovely people who are on Facebook, Bloglovin, Twitter (even though I don't have one of those lol!), Skype, Pinterest, Blogger, Wordpress...everything I missed...I hope you all have a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving! I know I will!! I spent the last two days cooking and baking which is one of my absolute favorite things to do! I made deserts the first day... Pumpkin Double Layer Pies, & Apple Pies! Then yesterday I went shopping for last minute ingredients with Autry and then whipped out Dinner Rolls using my sweet white bread recipe, some fun fall sugar cookies (post coming soon since this was part of my Fall Bucket List!!) and the Traditional Thanksgiving Morning Cinnamon Rolls! Not only that but Mom made up dressing, gravy, green bean casserole, and fixed the turkey up so it's ready to pop in the oven. Sweet Tea is all made, southern style of course! Man I just can't wait for 2:00 pm to get here to enjoy all that food and then everything that all the other family members are bringing too!! Yummy! :)

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!!

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  1. Thank you Nonny!! I hope you have an absolutely wonderful day! :)



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