Monday, July 2, 2012

Why I Dress Apostolic

I love clothes! This is a huge understatement. I probably have too many clothes seeing as my closet is packed and I have at least 4 good sized boxes in the garage of clothes or clothes to sew (either from fabric or out of other clothes). I like to design clothes, but have not sewn very many of the ideas I have. One day I plan to work on that a whole lot more than I am now.

This post is about outfits. More specifically Apostolic outfits. In my opinion this would be clothes which the skirts hit the knee or below (preferably below the knee), I personally also like crop sleeves on my shirts, but I do wear t-shirts, and then the necks of the shirts hit the collar bone or about two fingers below that (demonstrated in the photo below).

I choose to wear skirts because they are feminine. This is my choice. If I wanted to wear pants I could, but I chose not to. Another reason I prefer skirts over pants is because they are much more comfortable and give your legs room to move freely instead of being constricted by fabric. I choose to wear modest clothing as much as possible so that I am not a distraction in a bad way for other men I am around.

Dressing like I am compared to how I used to before I made these changes has definitely given me a confidence I did not expect. I feel pretty more times now than I did before with make-up, jewelry, and jeans. I am confidant around other people because I am not constantly worrying that my shirt is falling too low, or too much skin from my legs is showing. I have a freedom and a blessing in dressing modestly.

I was on Elsie Larson's blog, A Beautiful Mess, and saw where she had posted a bunch of different outfit ideas and loved it. The only problem was I wanted to see a bunch of options with skirts and so I have decided to start taking photo's of outfits I put together to go out and post them for all of you lovely readers! I will save all the outfits under the page *I'm Apostolic* in case you just want to see them all at once.


  1. I appreciate you talking about clothing and modesty. It is a breath of fresh air!!

    Glad I found your blog!!
    Take care!

  2. You are welcome! I write about what I believe because there are so many out there who don't understand and hopefully they will be able to find my blog and learn more. :)

    Blue Eyed Beauty Blog

  3. I love your spirit. I hope more girls could have the same conviction and understanding as you

    1. I know what you mean. I often think the same thing. Thank you for the lovely compliment!



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