Monday, July 16, 2012

Girls Spa Day

My family (mom, dad, two of my sisters and my brother) all decided to go camping today. I decided to stay home so I could spend time with my man. Val decided to stay home also so I told her we should do a girls spa day. I love spa days! They are so much fun!
Anyway, I searched through my Pinterest board Beauty Tips & Recipes and found a few things I've been wanting to try, but haven't taken the time to try yet. This would include a foot soak, face scrub, face mask, and lip scrub.

After looking around Pinterest I finally created the things I wanted to use for our girls spa day. Here are the recipes:

Lavender & Lemon Lip Scrub
DIY Microderm Face Scrub
Yogurt Face Mask
Lavender & Peppermint Foot Soak

We went to the bathroom counter and set out both the face scrub, lip scrub and yogurt mask and got busy scrubbing. Afterwards we were both impressed with the difference in our skin. Especially the way the lip scrub worked! The yogurt mask was fun to put on. Val asked what was in it and I told her...she immediately stuck her finger in the mask and licked it. She said it was quite tasty. I had to laugh at that.

Once our face's were done we grabbed a few snacks. Cucumbers & Ranch, Chips & Salsa, some Nutella, and the Pumpkin Snickerdoodle Cookies I had made up earlier that day. Val picked out a movie and we sat down to soak our feet. I have decided that I love the foot soak. Especially the tingly feeling I got after I took my feet out of the water and the cold air hit the peppermint oil. Needless to say Val and I had a wonderful girls day and are enjoying are fresh faces and soft feet!

Here are a few photo's from our day!

(only one because Val doesn't like to take photos)


She wasn't quite sure about the Microderm.
She decided the Microderm really wasn't that bad.
Val trying the Yogurt Face Mask.
She said it was really yummy!
She was sad because I told her to stop eating our face masks!

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