Monday, July 30, 2012

My Writing Thoughts

For me a story has always been in my mind. I used to write a lot more before I graduated high school. When I graduated my life became consumed with work. I worked as much as I could to save up for a car. Finally I had my car, and the following summer I started my first college class. That fall I started my first class involving writing: English Comp. 1. My love for writing had been neglected for a while, but it started to come back as I sat through the class. I remember liking the teacher but hating all the new rules I had to follow now. And then I realized that this was not the writing I was used to. Now I had only a handful of topics to choose from and on top of that I had to limit my writing to a specific amount of words, paragraphs, and pages. Writing was no longer my favorite thing, and the class really became a bore.

Two and a half  months into my class the wreck happened. I didn't write anything except for bits and pieces in my journal to keep myself sane. The next spring I wrote a paper for cognitive therapy. I enjoyed it so much! (I wrote about the Leaning Tower of Pisa.) Terri, my therapist, was preparing me to return to a college class in the summer. She succeeded, and I was glad. I had to retake Comp. 1 but it was necessary after so much time because I did not remember as much as I thought I had from the first part of the class before. The class was hard, but dealing with memory problems and taking tests was very difficult for me. I managed to finish with an A!

That fall (2011) I took Comp. 2 and passed with my second A. This past spring I did not take any classes which focused on writing, but I did a lot of research papers for my health classes. The last month or so I have been feeling the urge to write again. I have had several ideas spinning around in my head. Little bits and pieces were sticking themselves together as I thought about each idea. Last night I was in bed trying to sleep, but having no success. My latest idea was floating around in my head. I was glad to have the idea, but I really didn't want to be thinking about it at the time. I needed sleep! I began to pray. I remember talking to God and saying: please help me with this. I don't know why I am getting these ideas all of a sudden, but if I am supposed to do something with them then show me what to do. A few minutes later I was in bed and suddenly pieces started to fall in place. I jumped up and ran to my desk. I pulled out my notebook and a pen. I wrote the time and started writing everything I was thinking as fast as I could before it could go away. An hour and a half later I looked up at the clock. It was almost 5am. I signed the time out and put my pen down. An hour and a half of writing and I only had a few things down that I had running through my head.

To start a new story is nothing new for me. I have piles of them in a box in the corner of my room; piles of stories, ideas, names, everything except a completed story. I am hoping that maybe this time I will finish something and it will be decent enough that I would be proud to have other people read it.

For right now I will continue to write these thoughts in my notebook, to create each character, and build the scene. I cannot wait to see where God brings this. I have never felt this way about a story before. This is a feeling I could definitely get used to... that is for sure!

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  1. I didn't think I loved writing because of the requirements of school and how hard following those rules were for me. Then I started a blog and found out just how much I loved to write. Sometimes I think I have nothing to say and then I have a whole page of words. I'm starting to piece together lines of poetry in my head and I'm just now starting to write them down. It'll be interesting to see where this goes.
    Good luck in all your endeavors and God bless you. :)


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