Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Refashionista | Cotton Jumper to Maxi Skirt

This project was super easy and now I have a new all-the-time favorite skirt! I got this done in less than 30 minutes total it was that easy! The jumper I used had buttons down the side, but most jumpers you will find probably won't have that.

The inspiration for this project was found via Pinterest, but led to Nordstorm:

Bobeau Asymmetric Knit Maxi Skirt.
I think over all my skirt turned out a lot like the photo I was aiming to match! I was quite pleased with the resemblance!

What You Need
A jumper that is your size
Thread to match the fabric
Sewing things


1. If the jumper has buttons then cut out the buttons along each side of the seam. If there are no buttons then see how much you might need to take off one side of the skirt so it will fit you well.

2. Once the fabric is cut, lay it inside out with the raw edges together.

3. Start pinning the raw edges beginning at the hem of the skirt and working up towards the top. Try and make the seams match as best as possible.

4. Sew a straight line then serge or zigzag the raw edges to keep everything together nicely.

5. Cut the top of the jumper off as close to the underarm area as possible. Mine had a logo on it so I had to cut below the logo (as shown in the photo).

6. Put the skirt right side out. Fold the raw edge down and pin in place so that the fold is on the inside of the skirt. (You can kind of tell how I pinned my skirt on the inside so that I had a little bit of a waist band.) Make sure there is no raw edge showing at any point.

7. Sew the waist band of the skirt into place.

8. Cut all strings.

Congratulations you now have an extremely comfortable skirt! Which is perfect for long car rides (summer trips here we come!) or a relaxing day around the house!

~Once I finished my skirt I was able to wear it three days in a row before it needed to be washed so that it would shrink back to the normal size. It didn't stretch a lot and I was quite happy with that!
~You can also choose to put in elastic in the waist band. In step 6 you would just leave a small section open so that you could slip the elastic in and then you would go back and seal the gap. This way you wouldn't have to worry about your skirt slipping off your hips from stretching out.

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