Sunday, July 8, 2012

Refashionista | Shirt to Cardigan

This is a no sew, simple project which will only take a few minutes to do start to finish! So far I have found two of these cardigan like things which have a 'shirt' in front of it. The little piece of fabric in the front is what you will be taking out to make this into a cardigan you can throw over any other shirt or tank top for a layered outfit.

I love to shop at thrift stores. I usually find a lot of really good deals or things which I can use for projects. Here is one of my favorite projects. This cardigan cost me less than $3!

In the before, you can see the white 'shirt' part in the front. In the after, you can see how the cardigan is used to layer over another shirt.

1. Once you have found a cardigan with the front part in it all you need is some scissors.
2. Open the front part of the cardigan.
3. Cut the shirt out as close to the seam as possible.
4. Repeat for the other side.
5. Wear with any outfit!

I can honestly say that it is rare that I buy brand new clothes. Most every item in my closet was bought at a thrift store, or was given to be by a friend, or was refashioned from something else!

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  1. Hi Helen,
    thanks so much for sharing this, and your other thrifty and super crafty posts, on Waste Not Want Not Wednesday! I'm looking forward to reading about your developing survivalist skills ;) I'll share your posts on my Pinterest board and hope you come by again this Wednesday for WNWNW!

    1. Oh yes! I plan to attend faithfully! :) Thank you for inviting me! I'm so glad you like my projects! I have several posts on survivalst things in the works but there are so many details involved that they are taking forever to write!! lol.



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