Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Fall Style | Cute, Comfy, & Casual

Today was Autry's day off...and last night he told me he would like to go to the zoo since he had heard that it was free. Well this morning he called and found out that, yes, it was free!!! The honest truth is that I've always hated the zoo and have avoided going at all costs, but I told him I would go with him at least once. I must say that I had a BLAST!! I told him I would go to the zoo with him anytime he wanted to! I had so much fun! (post coming soon, still working on the pics! I took over 50 lol.)

First White Tank: Old Navy.
White Tank with Ruffled Front: Made By Me! (Tutorial)
Pink Cardigan: The Limited. (Thrifted)
Floral Skirt: Made By Me! (Refashioned)
White Leggings: Walmart. (not visible)
l.e.i. boots: WalMart two years ago.

I really love this picture! I thought it was super cute despite it's photography mistakes (I don't have a right arm lol). And it shows off my super curly hair really well since I was so impressed with the zoo that I completely forgot to get hair pics for this post!

HAIR: I had a cute sparkly headband in my hair and I did a ponytail with a bit of hair wrapped around the band and secured on the bottom with a small clip. :)

I am standing in front of one of the buildings at the zoo. There were SO many beautiful buildings! I loved them! I really wished I had a better camera so that I could've taken more photos to show off everything (especially the animals which were out and about and active today!). I do hope to go back some time and hopefully mom *might* let me take her camera!

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