Sunday, October 14, 2012

Blog Update Coming Soon!

I am working on some updates for my blog...again! I am not sure if they will work the way I want them to or not, but I hope they will. If they do then my blog with have a lot different look since it will be more cleaned up and my pages will be linked through new buttons on a side bar! I really hope that this works out because I'd love for this to happen! Anyway, if you happen to visit my blog and see odd things going on this is why... :)


  1. How do you add the buttons, like at the top of your page??

    1. Which buttons do you mean? At the top of blog posts, at the top of my blog itself, or at the top of an individual page on my blog? Lol. There are so many... For the most part I just upload a photo from my computer (resized of course!).


    2. I mean the buttons for your individual areas. Example - About, DIY, Recipes etc etc. I don't know how to make a button that you can click and it takes you to the posts.

    3. Oh okay! Well...I don't know how to make them appear at the top of the blog, but I'm working on putting some in on the side of my blog...I have a 'junk' blog where I'm practicing this out and so far it's going good. I basically use a draft post and load the image, click on it and double click "link" then I make sure it won't send away from my blog and insert the code for the blog page on my blog. That's how I'm going to do the buttons for my new pages. I plan to write a tutorial, but that could take me a week or two...



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