Sunday, October 28, 2012

Apostolic Links Updates #4

Just a quick update! I am so glad that the links have been active this week...and that I was able to keep up with everything!! Always a bonus! We've had several links added to the Bloggers link-up and on the Pinterest link-up!! If you have yet to add your own links then don't hesitate any longer! Stop by the Apostolic Pentecostal Link Up Page now!

New on the Blogger Link-Up

Lovin' Our Chaos.
This blog is written by Abbie who has so many topics to share with you!

2 Cookes and Some Cookie Dough.
A family blog by Michael, April, & Ryan Cooke.
The Pure Journey.
A blog about natural black Apostolic hair and beauty plus so much more!

New on the Pinterest Link-Up
Helen Brawley (myself)
Abbie @ Lovin' Our Chaos
Julie Benitez

That is all for this week's update!! I am so excited to have such growth in only ONE week! WOW! If you know of an  Apostolic Pentecostal send them to the LINK UP so that their blog or Pinterest can be featured! :)


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