Thursday, October 11, 2012

DIY Petticoat Style Skirt

This skirt was inspired when I saw a photo on Pinterest. It led to Alisa Burke's blog where I found a lovely tutorial for a Petticoat. I like my skirts a little longer though, and I wanted to add some bits of lace to mine. I wanted mine to be an actual skirt, not just a petticoat. I also wanted it to be a fall/winter skirt. Here is what I came up with.

This isn't my best tutorial, but it is basic enough that anyone who already knows how to sew will be able to make their own skirt similar to this. I've worn this skirt by itself and under another skirt. It's super warm and I'm so glad to have it for this really cold weather which I'm not used to!

1. Decide the length of your skirt. Mine was mid-calf.

Fold a large piece of fabric in half and pin the side. Sew it shut.

Here is what the fabric looked like on me after I got the side sewn shut. All the ruffles were really wide, and then the elastic made this fit me around the waist in the end.

2. Fold a large piece of fabric in half. Hold it around your waist. Make sure the bottom of the "skirt" pieces touch each other.
3. Take the fabric and pin the open side shut. Sew along the edge.
4. Go ahead and make the slot for the elastic, but don't add the elastic. Sew everything here that you can.

All the ruffles I made for this skirt.

5. Now cut long strips of fabric for the ruffles.  I had three main types of fabric that I used. In each fabric make sure to cut all the strips the same width. For variation cut each fabric a different width.

I used lace from the edge of three different curtains for my skirt.

Cut the lace as well. This will not be ruffled, but have it ready to go.
6. Ruffle each strip of fabric. I did raw edges, but if you would like good edges view this tutorial from my Denim Skirt with Ruffles.
7. Lay each ruffle and the lace out on the floor in the order you want in on the skirt. One by one, starting at the bottom, start pinning on and sewing one ruffle at a time. This part will take the longest.
8. Once all the ruffles and lace have been sewn on put the elastic in the band and sew in place.
9. Now your skirt is done!

I'm sorry this isn't a better tutorial. I didn't take very many photo's and I didn't keep up with the directions while I was making it so I had a hard time putting this together from memory.


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    1. Thanks for the follow! And thanks for leaving a comment! :) I will come by and check out your blog!



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