Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Hairstyle | Messy Side Braid

What I Did
1. Poof your bangs and secure with a bobby pin or three.
2. Loosely bunch your hair off to one side. I had to secure mine with the barrette you see in the pic because I still have some short layers growing out...
3. Begin braiding, but don't pull the braid strands tight. Keep it loose and messy as you braid.
4. Finish with your rubber band. At the end I flipped the ends so there was a little loop and then wrapped the 'leftovers' around the rubber band and tucked it back into the band to secure it.

This was a super easy style and was really comfortable. I'm sure it'll be even better once my hair is longer and I won't have to use the barrette. I probably could have used a bobby pin, but I actually did this in the car on the way out and took a pic after I got back home so I didn't have any of those.


  1. love the hair!!!!

    i also wanted to tell you that i fixed my "subscribe via email" button so you can now follow with your email address..yay! :)

    have a good one.


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