Monday, October 29, 2012

Hello Fall/Autumn Coffee Talk Tag

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Southern Glamourista is a new blog I have been following recently via email...a few days ago this list of questions popped into my email box with all her answers and I loved them! I was so excited when I got to the end of the post and saw where she had tagged ALL of her readers because I REALLY wanted to answer these questions, without further delay, let us start!

1. It's finally Fall/Autumn what are you most looking forward to this season?
Oh my goodness!! This is so hard because Fall is one of my favorite times of the year...I love the fact that I can layer my wardrobe, but those questions come later so...the food is second specifically on Thanksgiving day, but Fall food in general is AWESOME! Apple Pies, Apple Butter, Button-Up Chili, Apple Pecan Cake, Caramel Popcorn, Baked Potato Soup, Hot Chocolate, Cinnamon Rolls (a Thanksgiving morning tradition at our house!)...yum!!!

2. What Fall item in your closet are you most excited to pull out?
My sweaters!!! I have SO many of them! I just got most of them out yesterday, but I pulled many of them out a few weeks ago because I was so ready to wear them. I am also excited to have my crochet/sweater boots out and my scarves! Two things I also have a good bit of!

3. Since Halloween is the first holiday to celebrate we all get treated with a horror movie marathon all month long... What is your favorite scary movie to watch?
Actually...I REALLY hate scary movies and I NEVER watch horror films. Instead I plan to watch It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown with the family which is sort of tradition around this time of year for us...and is also one of the things I have on my Fall 2012 Bucket List. (I will admit this is the one question I was not excited to answer.)

4. What's your favorite fall treat?
I have to agree with Amanda (at Southern Glamourista) I love pumpkin foods too! Pumpkin pie is my top favorite...I LOVE Pumpkin Pie pop tarts, Pumpkin Bread is awesome, and later this week or next week I hope to try a Pumpkin Spice Latte for the VERY FIRST TIME!!! SO excited! (Another thing on my Fall Bucket List lol.) I also like Pumpkin cookies, and Pumpkin cake...basically anything with pumpkin in it!

5. Now that Summer is finally over, what will you miss about it?
I will miss the warm weather! Since relocating I have come to realize that I am not used to this new weather pattern and that will take some getting used to! I am not preparred for the weather to be so cold already!!

6. What Makeup/Beauty Products do you like for Fall?
Since I don't wear make up that will just leave beauty products...I hope to try some new experiments in the DIY beauty department (if you follow my blog often you know this is normal and usually turns out very well). I plan to research the uses of oatmeal for use on skin and in/on your hair and then try some experiments there which I will be blogging about when they are completed. I am in the middle of an experiment with apple cider vinegar as a facial toner, so far the results seem to be going in a positive direction...I should be writing a detailed post about that soon!

7. What have you recently bought in preparation for the upcoming season?
Honestly I've only bought two things...and they were both found at a thrift store! Surprise, surprise!! Lol. One is an extremely large men's sweater which I plan to refashion into a comfy fall/winter skirt for me, and the other was an American Eagle Scarf I happened across as I was about to head to the check-out line! :) (Both of those will be coming up in a post soon...I've been very busy lately so I'm a bit behind in a lot of my posts)

8. Have you been Trick or Treating?
Actually that is coming up this Wednesday and we were all talking about it at dinner tonight. Mom & Dad have decided that since we've never gone (that's a very long story for another time...) we could go this the kids have been flying around trying to come up with something to be. Several things they came up with were: A librarian; a granny;  a runaway bride--using the dress I found at a yard sale see it here; a cowboy; a nerd; a toddler with pig tails in PJs holding a blanket & teddy bear... and a lot more! Basically, yes...we will be going out this year.

9. Name the first five things that come to your mind when you thing of Fall?
1) cooler weather; 2) bonfires; 3) leaves changing and falling off trees; 4) Thanksgiving; 5) sweaters & scarves

10. What is your favorite season and why?
Ooh...I have always said that Summer was my favorite season, but Fall has always been my second favorite. :) Summer will still remain my favorite, especially now that this place is so much colder than the last so I cannot enjoy the weather outside as much as I could back home. I love summer because you can swim, and go fishing and ride in trucks and there is no school (although I'm not in school anymore so this really doesn't affect any season now, yay!).

Now for those I tag with these questions....

Of course, if you want to join in you are MORE THAN WELCOME! Leave a comment so I can come by and read your answers too!!! Happy Fall!!


  1. Thanks for the tag, Helen! What fun questions!

    1. You're welcome! Let me know when you get yours answered and I'll link them!


  2. That is so fun! I'll post all of my questions and answers when I'm not freakishly tired. It's 9:45. I think I'm getting old... just kidding. :) Thanks for tagging me!

    1. Haha I totally know that feeling...I've gotten it a few times myself and I'm wondering where it came from... Cool! Let me know when you post them and I'll link your answers up! :) You are welcome! I thought you would like these questions!! They seemed right up your alley.

      Blue Eyed Beauty Blog

  3. I loved reading your answers! I am very excited for you have your very first pumpkin spice latte! You will have to let me know what you think about it :)

    1. Oh I am sure I will LOVE it! I am a huge fan of pumpkin things and was very excited to find the recipe and now I am just waiting for the opportunity to make it!



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