Thursday, October 25, 2012

10 Day YOU Challenge | 6 Places

I first thought I would write of far away places, like traveling, but then I said to myself, I should share places I actually go to or use or visit. So here are my six places where I spend the most time in my day to day life!

I almost never make my bed, but I figured I should since it would be on display for 'all the world to see' lol.

1. My bed. This is probably the one place I spend most of my time most days of the week, especially when I am not feeling well due to stupid medicine I have to take. I really like my bed though. I have a great mattress, and I have a perfect set up. :)

This was taken right after our little zoo adventure yesterday (that blog post is still in the works since I took so many pics!). The outfit post is out though!

2. Riding in Autry's car. For some reason we usually end up going a lot of places so I end up riding in the passenger seat a lot. That's okay though because I get to be with him, which is awesome! :)

Let me just say that I'd much rather lay in bed than sit on the couch, but that's highly inappropriate when you're only dating and not least so it is in our house.

3. My mom's couch. Another place Autry and I spend a lot of time together when he's not at work.

I spend many hours here making up lots of my yummy recipes!

4. The kitchen counter. This is actually the baking center where everything I need for baking is located. I love this part of the kitchen!

Please tell me that my sewing table is not the only one out there that is a complete disaster!! I really have tried to keep it cleared off and it DOES NOT WORK! Ugh. I need one of those "Please Excuse The Mess" signs lol.

5. My sewing table. Where I spend a good part of my time working on refashions and other sewing creations. My latest favorite sewing project which I've posted about is my Petticoat Style Skirt!

This is one of my all-time favorite pictures of Autry & I together.
(view this outfit post)

6. In Autry's arms. Yes I spend a lot of time here. Especially since the first nine months of our relationship were spent  with me in Oklahoma and him living in Mississippi (read about the first time we met...9 months and 10 days after we started dating!).

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  1. Omg, I love this!! I would have put my Kitchen and Couch as my places too, but I only thought about locations.

    I Love your #6. So Sweet. =)

    1. Thanks! I know locations were my original thought and then I was like...this should be more about me... :)


  2. What a great blog for today! Awesomely cute! ~Sandra


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