Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I'm A Budding Survivalist

Wow, where to begin! Let's start at the beginning... our family keeps up with politics and such really well. We like to know what laws are being voted on and whether they were passed or denied. We like to know what decisions the president is making and how those decisions are going to affect our lives. We like to know what is going on and when things are happening so we aren't surprised by much.

One of the most recent topics floating around our dinner table has been Bug Out Bags. In case you don't know what these are, let me explain: they are a bag with the bare necessities needed for basic life survival. Depending on what you are preparing for your BOB (it's said like the name Bob) can have a variety of things in it, but generally speaking there is a list of similarities that most people will use in their BOB's.

However, this conversation has been mostly on the side of government collapse and having to be survivalists in the woods or out of your normal environment so several family members haven't really liked to join in this talk. Generally the conversation drifts around to this topic near the end of dinner time and those who don't wish to be a part of it can go on to do other things while those of us who want to talk can. This has been going on for a few weeks now. I've sat in and listened and put in a few peeps of thoughts, but nothing major to the conversation....until a few days ago.

When we discovered just how many executive decisions Obama has made in the whole short time he has been in office compared even to the 8 years Bush was in office I really felt a pressing need to get on board and start looking into putting together my own BOB and gaining knowledge of some basic outdoor survival skills. In just a few days I've learned tons of information! There is a wealth of it out there and I've barely tipped my toe in the bucket!

What is survivalism? Well, how we are looking into it is living in the woods on our own and being able to survive with a backpack full of things at the minimum and possibly a few extras...which cannot be counted on if they aren't actually in our BOB's. Since I have jumped in and started doing my own Internet research and being so excited about it and sharing all of these really cool facts of the 50 ways to use baking soda that I never knew about, or the 20 ways to use duct tape in a survival situation the people who were less comfortable with the topic have come around and are starting to get into it. I think this is a good thing!

Being prepared for survivalism is not only a good thing in case of government collapse; but these are also useful skills for camping/hunting (both of which all or most of us participate in); preparation for natural disasters such as a hurricane, tornado, flood, or earthquake; you can have a prep pack in your car in case it breaks down; and being prepared for power outages at any time of year but most especially in the winter when it is cold.

Some Things To Look Forward To
I plan to share my research with all you readers, and hopefully new readers too!

~I Will Control My Excitement! I know that not everyone is as excited as I am about learning of new things so I will try to contain my excitement and keep my new posts on survivalist information spread out with a few days between each one if I can. Some may have to be posted together, so please forgive me ahead of time!

~A new page on BEB dedicated to Survivalism. I have already started putting together a page for my blog with the links I've found to be extremely helpful in the last few days and the links my parents have been using for the past months. If you are interested in more survivalist information or blog dedicated to survivilasim then you will definitely need to check that page out! (Don't worry I will announce its arrival!)

~I created a Pinterest board for the things I'm finding. I have already created a Pinterest board for the many pins I've found. I've added many things already that I've found useful or informational. I've tried to comment on everything as I am reading it or have read it. If it's not commented on then I probably haven't read it or its new. I will try my best to keep that as updated as possible while reading all of those articles and blog posts! Also, when I began my research I started with Pinterest (where else better to start for a Pinterest addict, right?) and I've slowly been working my way through each board on the search for 'Survivalist' and I've been reading or re-pinning the information that I find applies to the type of research I am doing--outdoor survival. These may be something to look into if you have a Pinterest account.

~How To posts here on BEB. I will be putting together tutorials and how-to posts here on this blog for different things. My main focus in the beginning (right now) is to put together mine and Autry's BOB's. So, as I am doing the research of different items listed that other people have in their BOB's I'll share that research info and I'll share the multiple survival uses of things like baking soda, super glue, Vaseline, duct tape, etc. Like I said in the very first part of this section...I really will try to control my excitement and I will try to give a few days, or a week between these posts so that you won't run off and leave me. :)

In Closing For Now
I am actually working on a beginners version of a BOB. I kind of ran through the house (well it took me three hours after spending two days putting together a list of it really was a lot of work!) and will hopefully have that up later this week. I just took pics of it today since I wanted to have a semi example. I have a lot of things on there which aren't necessary to living, but then again this list is also something more like prep for no electricity such as in the winter (which is only like a month away, wow!) so it's not my serious BOB list...yet. I'm still working on that. That would be a get out of dodge BOB list! :)

I will try to share as much information in all aspects of survivalism, but in a lot of the posts you may find I lean more towards outdoor survivalism. That is also because right now my main prep is to be ready for government collapse. Once that is set, I can start thinking about smaller scale things like the electricity being out for a week. I am sure that once I have my actual real BOB packed my excitement will die down greatly, but until then you will be hearing about this topic quite I hope that you will still stick around to enjoy other blog posts as I will be keeping up with regular things such as new recipes and refashions since life can't be scheduled around a disaster.

I hope that sharing the things that I am learning here on my blog will help you, yours, and more start to think in terms of taking care of yourselves even if it is for something such as power outage! That is still a huge deal! Don't take my comment from the paragraph above wrong...that is just in comparison to something so much bigger. Power outage is a huge deal and I personally hate it!

May we be prepared and never have to use the knowledge or supplies that we've stocked up on!

*Please feel free to leave pleasant comments/questions as I do not appreciate negativity and reserve the right not to post negative, mean, or hateful comments.*

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  1. I agree! We are living in some crazy times!! I can't wait to read more!

    1. Yes we are! I have a lot of ideas just waiting to be written up! :)


  2. Love it all! I think you should get excited, I love when people have passion. Good luck xo

  3. I think I commented, but then my computer went PFFFT, so I'm not sure now. lol.

    1. Well if you commented before this on this post then I don't have it... I saw your other comments on two other posts though?



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