Tuesday, October 2, 2012

BEB October Blog Schedule

I've decided that for the month of October both of my blogs (this one and Exercise Encouragement Group) will have a schedule for posting. This is a test to see how I like it/how well it works for me. Specifically for this blog I want to try REALLY HARD not to post more that 5 new posts in a day...hopefully less than 3 on most days. We'll see if that lasts, but it is a goal I have for myself this month.

So...on to the schedule! Any ideas and thoughts are welcome!

Monday = Frugal posts
Tuesday = Styles I Like
Wednesday = Wednesday Weekly Reviews
Thursday = 10 Day YOU Challenge posts
Friday = Soup of the Week
Saturday = Things I Heart
I am really excited about this schedule idea! I do hope that it works out well! And don't worry! All the regular random posts, refashions, and recipes (not the soup ones though!) will continue to be posted as I come up with them!
Other goals I have for my blog this month include:
~The Verse A Day challenge. Start with Day 1 all other are linked there.
~Get the No Make-Up November post, link-up, and button done.
~Post 6 clothing refashion projects (2 of which will be coming out this week!)
~figure out how to make social media buttons
~Write four Date Night posts (check out the very first one of this month here!)
~Outfits posts inspired from my Pinterest board.

Later on this week, or next week, I'll post my personal goals for the month!

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