Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Thrift Store Finds | September 23 of 12

Well, I know that this post is coming out a little late, but I was so busy working on getting other more important projects done that this once feel into the cracks. Fortunately I found it and am now getting these wonderful finds up for you all to see!

Ribbon for .50 cents. I plan to use this to make lots of cute decor for the dining room/kitchen. I for sure plan to make some napkin rings with this!

Three more plates which were .50 cents each!

A wire whisk, a straining spoon, a serving spoon for liquids (soups, etc.), a noodle server and a spatula! Either .50 cents or $1 each!

A glass baking dish! SO very glad to have finally found one of these! $3!

Brown hand towel for the bathroom. $1.

Blue bathroom hand towel. Also $1.
Brown and white striped kitchen hand towel which is the same style as my other kitchen towels! $1.

Brown queen size fitted sheet. $4.

Red curtain which I will be refashioning into a table cloth if I ever can get my table put together (it's currently in 5 pieces since being moved). $2.
Green shirt from Maurices. $3.

I am really excited with my finds and cannot wait to get the table cloth made and the small projects done where I'll be using the ribbon!

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