Thursday, October 4, 2012

10 Day YOU Challenge | 9 Loves

In case you've missed out, I am doing this 10 Day YOU Challenge which is being hosted by BlogLoveTherapy (click image to go to her blog!). Here is my first post which shares My 10 Secrets.

Today's topic is 9 LOVES. Here are mine!

1. Autry. Autry is the man I fell in love with through the unlikely long distance relationship we had for 9 months BEFORE either of us ever met the other! This was after my wreck and is a blessing in a way because he can't compare this me to how I was before. It is also a blessing because his personality really is the complete opposite of mine so he is fun loving and VERY outgoing. He also jokes a lot and is set on trying to help me understand when people are joking or not (since the wreck I have been unable to tell when people are being serious or just kidding with me). As of yet, he has not succeeded. Autry is very loving, he takes good care of me, he helps hold on to me when I'm so dizzy I can't walk straight. I love him so much and thank God every day that he is in my life.

2. Baby animals. much I love (and miss) holding baby kittens! and puppies! and rabbits! I love how soft they are and how fragile and gentle these little creators are. I really love feeling their fuzzy fur on my face and their little wet noses in my hands. I love how they play with each other, chase leaves (the kittens), jump on top of each other, and snuggle together. If I could I would be a foster mom to baby animals that don't have a mom so that they can get big enough to go into a good home. I would love to do that!

3. Thrifting & Yard Sales. If my blog is not proof enough, then I am not sharing enough posts! But going to the thrift stores is one of my favorite ways to find awesome things and really good deals! The best thing about thrift stores and yard sales is you never know what you will find! My biggest challenge is putting something back that I don't really need...Autry really helps me in this area. :) This weekend is a city wide yard sale and I cannot wait for it! (View my posts on thrifting!)

4. Blogging. Seriously this is one of my favorite things to do! I could sit and write blog posts all day long and never run out of things to say! :) Obviously some people do like my posts because in two months I went from 8 followers to 45! WOW!

5. Refashioning Clothes & Sewing in General. I sew almost all of my own clothes...mostly that's just skirts, but lately I've moved into refashioning cardigans and shirts and I am loving it! I also like to sew other things from scratch such as quilts, cloth napkins, etc. I LOVE to sew!

6. Blog design. I have been stalking Pinterest, Google, and MANY other blogs to find new ideas to add to my blog. I am always making a change to either this blog or my Exercise Encouragement Group blog. I also like to write tutorials for all the new things I am always learning about blogging! (Check out my Blogging Tips!) UPDATE: Check out my very first blog makeover here!

7. Family. I don't know what I would do without my amazing family! The last two years would have been impossible on my own. I don't know what I would've done without them! They have been there for me all the way, taking me to doctors' appointments; dealing with my mood swings from medicine changes; stepping in and helping out when I couldn't do anything; being there when I needed a hug because I was so depressed at how much my life had changed and was now at a stand still. I am truly blessed to have such amazing sisters, brothers, and parents! Thank you Mom & Dad, Justin, Allie, Brooke, Na, Val, Lyd, Emma, and AJ!

8. Home Remedies, Natural Products, and Being Frugal. Oh how often I get teased for my love of learning how to use every day things like olive oil to fix problems! Oh day they may appreciate the knowledge I possess. :) I like to also make a lot of my own beauty products. I find it a fun learning challenge/experience. (check out these topics: Beauty Tips, Body Care, DIY Beauty, DIY Products, and Frugal for some of these things!)

9. Crafting. The one thing that has kept me sane before this blog came along...and the whole reason I have so much to write about on here!! I love to crochet (usually blankets or hats), sewing, preparing for moving into my own home by making as many things as I can for the decor, and do all sorts of Pinterest Inspired crafts.

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  1. I wasn't following after all but I am now :)

  2. Even I like making changes to the blog..never considered Pinterest for inspiration though:)

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  3. I love blog designs too! It's so fascinating. I can spend hours looking through them.

    Crafting... Love it too!


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