Friday, October 19, 2012

Yard Sale Party | October 6, 2012

There was a huge, huge, huge city yard sale 'party'. A few weeks ago I had some cash in my pocket and was ready to find some great deals! ...and I did! :) I was mostly looking for house things, but I did make a few other finds I just couldn't pass up! I think I made it out of the yard sales spending less than $12!

Shoes for Autry. I remember when I sold these at Payless. American Eagle brand. Almost brand new! Paid $3.

An Aeropostale shirt for Autry. I paid $1.

A large circle cake pan. Paid $1.

A large pot. This yard sale was closing so the nice lady gave this pot to me for $1 instead of the 2.99 on the lid!

Love these bottles! Paid .25 cents for this one.

Another bottle...this one was .10 cents. And two super nice rubber spatulas. Also .10 each!

A container. I paid .50 cents.

Apple core thing, potato peeler, butter slicer, wine cork opener (not that I wanted/needed it), egg separator, and spatula. All of these for .50 cents.

All of these glasses were FREE!!! Yes, I rummage through the boxes on the side of the road marked free. You never know what you will find!

Another FREE thing I found by rummaging. I'll probably use it for kitchen gardening. :)

Antique frame. Paid .25 cents.

Another antique frame. Paid .25 cents.

Another antique frame. FREE thanks to rummaging!

A nice white sheet...which I plan to cut up and use for sewing projects. I think I paid .50 cents for it.
Monopoly. One of my favorite board games! WITH all the pieces! I paid $1!

Ugly 'grandma' sweater for refashioning. Paid .25 cents.

Purpple turtleneck for refashioning. I plan to make another shirt like this one I've already made. Paid .50 cents.

Denim shirt for refashioning. I think I paid .50 cents.

Black sweater. This is so comfy! I've worn it tons already! I paid .25 cents.

Thick peach sweater for refashioning. I paid .25 cents.

Merona peach elbow length shirt. I paid .25 cents.

Well, as you can see it was quite a haul for so little paid out. I was quite pleased with myself. I think Autry was happy to still have some money left over from the $30 he gave me when I headed out that morning. :)

Be sure to check out the most amazing deal I found this shopping day: The .25 cent wedding dress which I plan to refashion!

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