Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Styles I Like | Fashion Denim Skirts

I have been WAITING for the perfect time to post these beautiful and amazing pieces of art! I keep forgetting until the very last minute that Tuesday's are Style posts! At least I remembered tonight! :)

I wish I had the patience to create something so pretty...but for now I will be content just looking at the photos and dreaming! Denim is my favorite in the skirt category because it is so you will be seeing for yourself! Enjoy!

Skirt originally sold at Apostolic Clothing.
(photo via Pinterest)

Skirt originally sold at Apostolic Clothing.
(photo via Pinterest)

(photo via Pinterest)

Denim Wrap Skirt
(photo via Rare Bird Finds)

Do you remember when these were called "broomstick" skirts?
(photo via AliExpress)

(photo via Pinterest)

Originally sold via Apostolic Clothing.
(photo via Pinterest)

Originally sold at Apostolic Clothing.
(photo via Pinterest)

An adorable skirt made by I'm SEW cheap!

A beautiful pieced together skirt! One I'd love to try and recreate!
(photo via La Vie Boheme on Etsy)

Are you looking for a tutorial to make your own skirt? I have several!

Knee length from one pair of jeans.
View the tutorial!

Basic long denim skirt.
View the tutorial!

Long Denim Skirt with Ruffled Middle.
View the Tutorial!

I hope you've enjoyed this post! I LOVE denim! I have a whole box of it waiting for me to have time to create it into something adorable. Now that I have the two basic posts down (short and long denim skirts) I will start on some specialty skirts! Can't wait to create some new fun styles!

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