Saturday, February 15, 2014

Our Wedding Cake

Wedding cake has never been a favorite of mine, but I have to say that ours was as delicious as it was pretty!!! My best friend, cake decorator, wedding coordinator, and blogger Kora {Eclectic Darling} made the beautiful creation you see above for our wedding.

Photo via Sister's Baking Co.

This is the inspiration photo for our wedding cake that I found on Pinterest at some point LONG before I was even planning a wedding. I thought it was beautiful, and I really love how well our cake turned out.

This cake topper was given to us by our apartment neighbor across from us. She had used it at her wedding and didn't need it anymore and I didn't have a cake topper yet so she gave this one to me. I think it went well with the cake.

Kora standing behind her cake creation!
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Saturday, February 1, 2014

New Baby & Mommy Life & No Laptop...Again

Hello readers!

As you probably already know Little Man arrived in early January and I am SO SO SO glad I had blog posts scheduled for the whole month ahead of time! {Read how to scheduled blog posts on Blogger here.} Not only was it a good thing that those posts were scheduled ahead of time, but having them ready to go so early I had hoped I'd be able to work on posts about my wedding to share with you this month. However, that did not happen!

I was not at all prepared for how much work and time it would take being a new mom. I didn't realize I'd have to get up every 2 or 3 hours during the night to feed the Little Man, change his diaper (occasionally give him a bath when he peed on himself during the diaper change...), and get him back to bed. That process takes a lot longer than I thought it would! Due to the tiredness of being a new mom and recovering from giving birth I haven't written a single post the whole month of January! This is an odd thing for me since I usually write two or three a week to schedule when I get online. I think a big part of my not writing posts is due to the fact that my laptop crashed just before Little Man was born. I have yet to get it fixed, but am desperately missing it!

With the laptop being gone I have attempted using my hubby's very old laptop, but since it doesn't have Microsoft Word for writing posts or Picasa for editing photos I really can't use it for much of anything except sorting new photos into files of posts I intend to write in the future.

I had planned to share with you this month things about my wedding which I haven't written about yet. I still plan to share a few posts, but doubt very seriously I'll get to share all 15 of the posts I planned to write originally. Either way, it will be fun to show off the things I can.

I don't know how active BEBBlog will be throughout February because of the lack of a laptop at home, but I'll do my best. Thank you to all the readers who leave me lovely comments on posts! I read them all even though I don't usually respond to each of them!!!