Sunday, May 26, 2013

Words On Sunday | If you don't want anyone to find out...

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This is so true!! Many times people think, "oh, I can do this and no one will find out". Well let me tell you: everything comes to light at one point or another so choose carefully the things you do!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

This Is Me | Curly Hair Problem #646

Hello and welcome to a new series that I've been thinking about doing for quite some time now...a series for you all to better get to know me! Of course I'll be using photos off my Pinterest board This Is So Me so if you just want to read a whole bunch of funny things all in one day you can go there instead of waiting to see what I share each Saturday! :) If you have any questions you'd like to ask me I'd be happy to answer them in email or I could use that as one aspect of the 'this is me' series...who knows! Anyway, here's today's tidbit about me:

{photo via Pinterest}

Yes I have curly hair, and yes...when I was in college I would straighten it A LOT and then after someone would start to like me or I would like them it would be REALLY hard for me to wear my hair curly because I thought it was ugly. It's taken me many years, but I've finally learned to love my hair in its natural form. I will say that chopping off curly hair to be really short was a stupid mistake I made in high school. My hair is about 5 inches from my waist now, but that's holding the curls out straight. With my hair in all its curly glory it hits just below my shoulders. I love my hair and now it's rare that I straighten it...maybe once a year? Or not even that much anymore.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Pregnant Momma's Link Up!

With the recent Announcement I made here on BEBBlog I have had a lot of people giving congratulations,  advice on how to survive nausea, and links to blogs & websites which I've mostly found helpful! One of those links was to the Pregnant Momma's Link Up hosted by Kaitlyn @ Wifessionals! If you're a pregnant momma and you want to connect with other bloggers who are on a similar path as you are then that is the place to go! Stop by, leave your link, and then connect with other pregnant momma's today! :)

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Announcing Baby Stafford!

Yes you're reading right! We are gonna have a baby!!! :)

How did we find out?
Well, we were in Mississippi...actually it starts before that...I was at the April Ladies Conference and we were having a shopping day at the big mall. I usually can out-shop everybody...but my legs started hurting so bad I had to quit...and, well, it was time to get ready for the next service... I thought then, "Why on earth do my legs/feet hurt so bad?" On April 4th I had gone to see my doctor and they did a blood test to see if I was pregnant, it came back negative on the 5th so I didn't think I was pregnant because it was barely a week later when the first shopping adventure caused swelling legs.

On the way down to Mississippi (our most recent trip of 10 days), I told Hubby that if I wasn't pregnant I was going to start being a whole lot more healthier than I've been this past year...but if I was pregnant I really would be healthy, I just wouldn't stress too much since I knew pregnant women have weird cravings sometimes. We had decided that on Mother's Day we'd take a test and finally put both our minds at ease...

Well the Thursday May 10th came and his sister and two cousins all decided we should go major grocery shopping at Walmart. I had no problem tagging along since I love to shop...the only problem was that I was thinking I was pregnant and was trying my best not to say anything until Mother's Day so we could tell his momma then... The girls all decided to hang out in the baby/toddler department a few minutes before we did our main shopping. They kept talking about "when you get pregnant you need this" or "when you have a baby we'll have to get you that"...and it was SO HARD for me to keep my mouth shut!!! I think we were only there 5 minutes but it sure felt like an eternity! I finally told the girls: "we have a ton of things to get on our shopping list, maybe we should get going?" Turns out later that one of the girls told another that she thought I was pregnant...and they were right!

That night when I finally got home I told Hubby, "I can't wait until Sunday I want to know NOW." My legs again did that whole swelling up and feeling painful thing and I told him that if I wasn't pregnant then I was going to be seriously worried about what was going on! So he got me a pregnancy test...and I took it...and it came out positive right away! I was really surprised, but Hubby sat in shock for the rest of the night. He told me, "I expected you to be pregnant, but I don't think I was really thinking it would be true."

Needless to say we are both very excited and I seriously cannot wait to find out the gender so I can start buying clothes and accessories (if it's a girl!)

Hubby want's a girl. I want twins. We would be happy with any baby as long as she/he is healthy. My first craving was for Cottage Cheese & Peaches. On the way down to Mississippi I drank half a jar of pickle juice...which is very unusual for me. I like pickles, but I don't love them! lol. Today I had a huge craving for pancakes, but once Hubby got back with them I couldn't hardly eat 1/4 of them! :( I have to say that being pregnant is not all I thought it would be, but it certainly isn't horrible. I am nauseated all the time though. I thought that I would be used to it since I've practically been constantly nauseated since my car wreck, but this is a completely different type of nausea and I really hate it! Apple juice, water, and dry cereal are my best friends right now. I have my first doctors appointment coming up in a few weeks. I'm sure I'll have more to share then. Right now according to several online baby due date calculators I'm about 10 weeks along and it looks like Baby Stafford will be born on or around December 15th... So we're gonna have us a Christmas Baby! :)

Read the announcement and some of the healthier foods I've been eating over on Exercise Encouragement Group Blog too!

P.S. Any tips you might have on surviving being nauseated would be much appreciated!

Blueberry Milkshakes

Awhile back I really wanted a milkshake, but didn't want the regular kinds like cookies n' cream or even just plain chocolate...I wanted a fruit here's what I came up with, and MAN was it delicious!

This recipe makes 4 Blueberry Milkshakes!

1 quart vanilla ice cream, thawed
2 cups milk
2 cups frozen blueberries

1. Using a blender mix together about 2 cups of slightly-thawed ice cream, 1/2 cup of milk, and 1/2 cup of blueberries (still frozen). Blend together and then serve in a tall cup.
2. Repeat step 1 three more times to finish everything off. You could probably blend it all at once, but I did them individually.

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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Continued Laptop Issues

Dear readers, 

As I'm sure you have noticed it's been more than a month since I have had regular posting on BEB Blog...and that is because my laptop finally gave out completely. I was on vacation for two weeks to Mississippi and just got back into town on the 18th. I am hoping to take my laptop this coming Friday to the repair shop which is about 2 hours away. In the mean time I'm having to stop by other places to get on the internet to try and keep my emails at least fairly caught up! I do have the ability to check email on my phone, but as far as writing blog posts and publishing comments those are two things I can't do on there because it's much too old for that. Anyway, I do miss you all greatly and seriously cannot wait to be back as a full time blogger!

Also: I have been sewing away so when I have the opportunity I have about 15 new items to add to my online shop. Be sure to stop by and check that out HERE and if you're interested in purchasing any of the items EMAIL ME! :)

I have been doing just as many projects and baking as I usually do so I'll have more than enough to blog about when I finally have the opportunity to load up all the photos to add to posts!


Friday, May 10, 2013

Homemaking 101 | Stocking The Kitchen Cabinets

I realize that it's been a few weeks since I updated on this series, but I have been having Laptop Issues. :( I do have the next part of the Moving Out On Your Own series here though and it is Stocking The Kitchen Cabinets, and fridge, and anything else! Read on and leave your tips in the comments please!

There are some things that you DO think about when you get your first place on your own...and one of those are food! Seriously, who doesn't think about food? Especially when you move out and realize it's a lot more expensive than you ever realized! I'm just going to share with you a list of basic foods which give you a lot of different meal options. Of course you know what foods you like and dislike so edit the list as needed for your own personal tastes!

Stick Butter/Tub of Butter
Gallon of Milk
Mayo/Miracle Whip
Sandwich meat(s) & Sliced Cheese
Shredded Cheese/Block Cheese
Ground Beef
Chicken Breast
Ranch Dressing (or another dressing)

Baking Items
Flour (white/wheat)
Baking Soda
Baking Powder
White Sugar
Brown Sugar
Powdered Sugar

Cabinet Items
Loaves of Bread
Apple Cider Vinegar
White Vinegar
Canned Vegetables: corn, green beans, peas, spinach, etc.
Canned Tomatoes: paste, sauce, diced, etc.
Pastas: spaghetti, elbow, etc.
Peanut butter/Almond butter
Dried Rice
Dried Beans: black, red, kidney, lentils, etc.
Canola Oil

What are your top food must haves?

Want to read more on Apartment Living? Click here!

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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Microwave Ranch Chex Mix

The idea for today's recipe came from Pinterest, of course, and linked to the blog: My Pinterest Reality. I was really excited to find this recipe because I've wanted to start trying to make more of my own snacks so that I can hopefully (eventually) make healthier things for me to snack on since I'm such a huge fan of snacks. Anyway, today's recipe is both delicious & easy so do enjoy!!

This recipe makes about 2 quart size ziploc bags of chex mix!

1 stick butter
1 1oz. pkg ranch dressing mix
2 1/2 cups rice chex
2 1/2 cups corn chex
1 cup of roasted & chopped nuts (I used almonds)
1 cup pretzel sticks, broken in half

1. Melt the butter in the microwave until completely dissolved (about 3 minutes in mine).
2. Add in the ranch dressing mix and stir well.
3. Pour in rice & corn chex, chopped nuts, and broken pretzel sticks. Stir well until the butter is covering everythiing.
4. Microwave the mix in the bowl for one minute and then stir. Repeat this step two more times (microwave, stir, microwave then stir).
5. Lay out a sheet of foil on your kitchen table. Pour the cooked chex mix over the foil and let it cool. Store in a ziploc bag or air tight container.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

FAIL | Sourdough Starter

some major overflow about to happen there...

Years ago my sister (who goes by the nickname Princess) was the queen of baking bread at our house. I was always SO jealous! lol. She made absolutely perfect bread loaves!!! They were delicious, perfectly crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside...everything you could ask for in a loaf of bread! Well, this was my journey to attempt to bake bread almost as good as she does...and it FAILED! :( I attempted several different recipes, but had no luck with any of them. Obviously I'm doing something very wrong, so if you're a pro or even semi-pro Sourdough bread maker I'd love to hear your secrets (email me please!!). I am desperate to have sourdough starter so I can make my own bread every week! What recipe do you use for weekly bread making?

Links to the recipes I tried:

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