Sunday, May 5, 2013

FAIL | Sourdough Starter

some major overflow about to happen there...

Years ago my sister (who goes by the nickname Princess) was the queen of baking bread at our house. I was always SO jealous! lol. She made absolutely perfect bread loaves!!! They were delicious, perfectly crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside...everything you could ask for in a loaf of bread! Well, this was my journey to attempt to bake bread almost as good as she does...and it FAILED! :( I attempted several different recipes, but had no luck with any of them. Obviously I'm doing something very wrong, so if you're a pro or even semi-pro Sourdough bread maker I'd love to hear your secrets (email me please!!). I am desperate to have sourdough starter so I can make my own bread every week! What recipe do you use for weekly bread making?

Links to the recipes I tried:

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  1. I have never made my own bread. Like... ever! And if I did, it would probably be an epic fail :-)

  2. Sorry GIRRRRRL...I think MOST people just BUY sourdough bread!!! LOL I mean, I looooove baking and i'm really good at making bread even, buuuuut I don't mess around even trying with sourdough...the process is UGH!!!!

  3. I've made Sourdough at home many times. The recipe I use is

    I even made cheese & jalapeno cheddar versions of it. Make sure you use a large container, as it will grow. Make sure you read everything there is to read on that link up there, it should get you a really awesome sourdough starter & eventually amazing bread.

    Good luck!

    Krys @ Sunshine&Rain

  4. Lol, poor thing! Ironically, shortly after you shared this post on Waste Not Want Not Wednesday, Don't Waste the Crumbs shared one on making a sourdough starter (this post specifically is GF, but she has another one linked to it that is regular)


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