Monday, October 29, 2012

Sneak Peek | Confessor's White Dress

Yesterday afternoon I had some free time so I started working on the white dress Bridget Regan wears in the show The Legend of the Seeker. I fell in love with the dress the first time I saw it on the poster and knew immediately what all those white sheets I'd been saving would be used for! I've had to make up everything as I go so it's one of those odd things I probably won't be able to recreate twice, but that's okay...I just want one! :)

I am really quite pleased with how well the back of the dress is turning out! It is almost done. I think I have one last little alteration to make to it and then over all it should be finished other than the hem at the bottom and the hem at the top where the hood attaches.

When I was studying her dress I discovered that there are a TON of layers to it!!! She has about five white layers as best as I can tell, and then there are two black layers under that. I only have enough white fabric from old sheets I've collected from yard sales and such to make two of those layers, but that should do. As for the black layers I have the perfect skirt that I plan to wear underneath my dress along with the black leggings and black boots I also have.

I am still unsure as to what the finished dress will look like. I've been focusing on getting the thing to a piece that can be slipped on so that I don't have to have my sister as a model anymore...well, maybe. I will say that this is an interesting project. It feels kind of medieval. Lyd said how it would be interesting and fun to wear to a medieval fair sometime since it fits that theme. I just might. :)

Here are a few sneak peek photos for you! The back of the dress is coming along quite well, the front, however, still requires a lot of attention...and you will notice that the sleeves and hood are still absent as I still have to figure out how to make and attach each of those.

The front of the dress...still SO much to do!!
The back of the dress before I had the front and back attached in dress form.

The dress from the back. Notice my pink cozy socks? :) The back is almost done. I just need to add sleeves and the hood.

I plan to keep working on this dress as I can. I am sad to say that I won't be posting a tutorial for this project, but I might post my notes once I get it completely done!

Oh...and here is the original:


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    1. Thanks! It's a lot easier than I thought it would be so that is good...of course I still have the front and the sleeves so I may still have the hardest part ahead of me.



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