Sunday, September 9, 2012

Fall Style | Welcome Fall

Although the first day of fall doesn't actually come until September 22 I just couldn't wait to start the fall fashion posts! This is the outfit a picked out a few days ago. You may remember seeing the shirt in the recent thrift store finds post, and the skirt is a project I worked on just before May.

Thank you to my sister Lyd who took these photos!

Shirt: Maurices. (Thrifted)
Tank Top: (not visable) Old Navy, dark purple.

Skirt: Made by me! (Tutorial!)
Tights: WalMart. (Clearance for $1!)
Boots: L.e.i. (WalMart two years ago)

Headband: Borrowed from sister.

Hair: Messy bun.

Hairstyle: Low Messy Bun.
For curly hair this is SO easy! Fluff your hair how you want it. Pop in a cute head band. Pull all your hair over to one side (which ever works best for you). Wrap it up in a 'wad' and use a hair band to secure the base. Next use bobby pins to get any big stuff that might have been missed. Make sure it's secure and you're ready to go!


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