Thursday, September 27, 2012

Monthly: Top 5 Blogging Tips #1

This is a new series I plan to run each month. At the end of the month I will write a post with 5 things I have learned which has to do with blogging and such. I plan to share tutorials I've found and USED, tips which I have put into practice, and anything I learn from my own blogging experience will be added as well.

Tip #1 Create Your Own Favicon
What is a Favicon? I had no clue until the beginning of September. I read this post & tutorial by SecondHand Couture where I figured out that the little button on each tab at the top of my internet page had a tiny photo/logo type thing...and that is the favicon. Did you know you can change it? Well you can! I changed mine and LOVE the new look! I feel like my blog looks much more professional with its own Favicon instead of the original Blogger icon.

Tip #2 Create A Blog Button
So many bloggers have a "button" on their page. This is a little photo which usually includes something from their blog, the name of the blog, and some code so you can copy the button and paste it on your page. These are often found on blogs with link parties, groups, and such...but even if you do not host one of these you can STILL CREATE A BUTTON! And I recommend it! I know when I do my Wednesday Weekly Reviews I will look for a blog button so I can link it in the review for other's to see a glimpse of the blog in hopes of them clicking on the link to stop by and visit you! SecondHand Couture also does a fabulous tutorial on creating your own blog button! UPDATE: You should make your button 200x200 since this is the most popular size and can always be resized smaller later on. I also have my own tutorial which I wrote in November: Create A Blog Button.

Tip #3 Blogger's Photo Limit
If you are a blogger and use the Blogger platform for you blog you may not know that there is a limit to how many photo's you can post...unless they are a certain size... I did not know this until the other day...but I do now. Fortunately, after hours of searching, I found a way to get around the problem: resize each photo before uploading it to a blog post. Check out the post I wrote about the photo limit.

Tip #4 Add the "Pin It" Button
This month I was finally able to figure out the very hard task of adding the Pin It button to all of my blog posts! I am so glad that I was able to add this. I've wanted it for a long time, but so many tutorials are crazy confusing so I usually can't make it work. However, I will not put you through the task of finding a good tutorial since I wrote this one myself!

Tip #5 Join Bloglovin'!
If you already have the follow by Email, Pinterest, Facebook, and Google Friend Connect...why not add one more option which a lot of blog readers love? Creating your own user account, and adding your blog to the vast amount of blogs listed is such a good idea! Plus, they have cute artsy buttons, as well as the plain and simple one (which I have). Visit my Bloglovin account for Blue Eyed Beauty!

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  1. These are some great tips...all of the very important indeed!
    Laurie @ Pride in Photos

  2. These are great tips! I haven't done alot of these things yet, and I should. Glad you have links to tutorials and such. That will save me some valuable time. Thanks. :)


  3. I'm trying out the button one you linked to! Your site is adorable and seems like a lot fun.

    1. Awesome! I hope that it works well for you! I've been trying to write my own tutorial, but it is time consuming because there are so many little things you have to remember to add in the tutorial! That is the best tutorial I've found though.

      Aww thanks! :) I appreciate the compliment!



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