Monday, September 10, 2012

My September Goals

Although it is pretty close to the middle of September I have a list of things I'd like to accomplish this month. Most of the things include organizing/going through almost every single thing I own.

My hand written list from last night.

~Vinegar. (Read the post about the awful fail in making Homemade Apple Cider Vinegar.)
~Make more toothpaste (Homemade Whitening Toothpaste)
~Make more body scrub (3 Ingredient Body Scrub)
~Make shaving cream (DIY Shaving Cream)
~Make apple oatmeal cookies (recipe creation and hopefully new post!)
~finish napkins (even though I have the post there are still a few needing to be sewn)
~finish petticoat skirt (This was the inspirational photo via Alisa Burke)
~finish multi-color ruffle skirt (which has been in my sewing pile since March!!)
~go through my paper box (it's literally a box of empty notebooks and notepaper)
~make organizers from cereal boxes (to get my desk orderly! via Sew Many Ways)
~fold laundry (something I really hate doing right now.)
~find/print Bible Reading Chart (right now I'm keeping track of what I read in a notebook)

Most of these cookbooks/papers have recipes I need to type. I have a whole other stack in the kitchen of recipe cards still to go through!

~type 5 recipes a day (getting ready for moving out)
~go through dresser paper drawer (I have a lot of important papers and such in there which need to be organized and some need to be trashed)
~go through craft things (some of mine are mixed up in my mom's stuff and I need to get my out for moving)
~find house items list (I made a list of everything I have for our house...I just don't know where it is!)

~finish A+H cross stitch. (Almost done! Just need to finish the H and then add names/birthdates)
~clean the bathroom
~update Blue Eyed Beauty's Facebook page (mostly just uploading photos and links)
~get to 50 Pinterest boards (read about this here)
~Do my arm workout 3x weekly (I already have it done once for this week! Yay me!)
~go through refashions box (I need to see what are the top 3-5 I think I might work on)
~plan fall style posts (mostly just need to remember to get pics!)
~t-shirt scarf tutorial
~plan house decor (apartment might be found and I know what it looks like so now for planning!)
~finish quilt (leftover from last month...but it's more important to finish it NOW)
~make meal plans/menus for moving out (basic things Autry/me want to eat out on our own)
~make September blog goals list (yes I make one for my blog every single month! I have part of it already done, but there's a few things I need to add)

Well...I have already added four things to this list today. I can just tell you this month is going to be crazy busy with all the planning, organizing, and getting ready for Autry and I to have our own place!

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