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Styles I Like | A Good Scarf...or 10

Since fall is on the edge of "falling" into our lives I thought I would do a style post which would relate to the coming weather. Scarves are one of my favorite accessories when it comes to cooler weather. You can easily add it to your outfit for both the cuteness and warmth factors, but then, should you get too warm, it can be easily removed without messing up your whole outfit. Another bonus to scarves is you can use them to help cover your chest area if you have a shirt or tank top which has a tendency to fall when you bend over, or move around a lot (I have a few of those myself). So they work as a cute accessory to hiding cleavage or too much skin which was one of my favorite uses for scarves last fall while I was still building my modest closet stash. And another reason I like scarves? Well, some of them are really wide so you can use them as a shawl of sorts and wrap the scarf around your shoulders. One of my favorite ways to keep warm all year round since I will grab a scarf to wrap around me over a sweater any day of the summer when I've gotten a chill from being in the air conditioning.

Now...on to some cute photos which I actually took this summer (no I was not wearing scarves this summer, I just had them in my closet and my sister Lyd started playing with them and I asked to take a few pics to post later on in the year...). As the days get cooler I will be making full outfit posts WITH scarves!

This was the very first t-shirt scarf I made.

A beautiful gray, almost silver scarf, I found at a Thrift store for $2.50 with the tags still on it! A great place to find inexpensive and unique scarves by the way!

Now for some scarves I've found on Pinterest which I either wouldn't mind making or having in my closet! Original links are listed below each photo.

Zebra print scarf. My all-time favorite animal prints...too bad the boyfriend-soon-to-be-fiance-then-hubby hates zebra print! :(
(Found via Amazon)

Old Navy Summer 2012 Paisley Gauze Scarf.
Don't pass up a gauze scarf! They are great for when you will be indoors a lot since they tend to not be as warm as a regular cotton scarf.
(Found via Pinterest)

A multi-patterned scarf.
A perfect way to jazz up a solid color shirt and/or cardigan.
(Found via Pinterest)

J.Crew Vibrant Paisley Scarf.
Scarves with prints are a good way to draw an outfit together.
(Found via J.Crew)

Ruffles & Layers.
Girls with big chests: be careful about adding too much "fluff" like this up top. It will make you look unbalanced.
(Found via Barbed Wire & Roses)

Old Navy scarf.
Lacy & Light Scarves.
The perfect scarf for wearing indoors or during the not-as-cold months.
(Found via Pinterest)

Frenchi Waffle Knit Infinity Scarf.
Knit & Crocheted Scarves.
Perfect for wearing when it's really cold and you need to keep warm!
(Found via Nordstorm)

I would like to share a few tutorials with you on how to make some of your own, unique scarves! I plan to try a few of these out in the next few months...and who knows, I might make a tutorial of my own!

Lace Tipped Scarf.
(Tutorial via Sea lo que sea)
P.S. The tutorial is in English so don't let the name of the blog (Whatever I Want) throw you off like it did me!!

Anthro-Inspired: Catch & Release Scarf.
This scarf looks like it will require a little pinch of time to make, but it is gorgeous!
(Tutorial via Presserfoot)

Anthropologie Scarf Knock Off
(Tutorial via Sewing In No Mans Land)

For a more casual outfit: try a scarf made from a t-shirt!
(Tutorial via Vermillion Rules)

Make a Lace Scarf!
(Tutorial via A Beautiful Mess)

The Mama Ruffle Scarf.
(Tutorial via Living with Punks)
This is the Mama scarf since the author wrote a post (here) with the kid version!

 An accessory for an accessory! What do I mean? Brooches & Clip-on flowers! You can dress up any scarf with a few added flowers or a brooch. This also gives you a different way change things up every now and then, especially if you are one of those people who enjoy wearing scarves!

This is just one example of the many less than $5 brooches which are available on the site linked below!
(Found via Fabulous Brooches)

No-Sew Rolled Fabric Flower
(Tutorial via Prudent Baby)

Lace & Crystal Hairpieces
(Tutorial via SecondHand Couture)
Although it says hairpieces you are making it yourself so you can always change out the hair clip for a pin so you can fasten it to any scarf!

I am sure that as soon as I publish this post I will find something else to add to it...and I just might go ahead and add it...but all I can do is try my best to put together as many ideas in one place as I can! I hope that you found this post both informative and helpful and perhaps you will give scarves a try this fall! :)


  1. Ooooo I want the green lace tipped scarf!!! Okaaaaay Helen, check this out go to go go the radio link and you can listen to FREE Adventures in Odyssey episodes...there are like three pages worth!!!

    1. Oh thank you!!! I am going to start listening to those while I'm sewing!! :)


    2. AWESOME!!! Annnnd your welcome!!! I know your gonna love it...I'm a total AIO addict!!! :)

    3. Oh I know I will too!! I was just looking through the list!


  2. Also Helen, there is a really good Apostolic/Pentecostal church in Tulsa OK! Bro. Gary Howard is the pastor...I'm not sure how far Tulsa is from you tho! This blogger right here is from TUlsa...maybe you can talk to her about finding a church near you!

    1. Oh okay. I will go by and check out her blog for sure! I actually moved...and will be attending a new church this wednesday night! I really hope this is the one!!


  3. Gotta LOVE a good scarf. LOVE your bright neon one!

    -Daisy Nguyen from PS BANANAS fashion blog:


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