Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wednesday Weekly Review #9

Last week was a slow week as far as searching through all my lists-of saved-blogs-to-check-out goes. Some days if feels like the list grows faster than it shrinks. I suppose that might be a good thing. It means I will never run out of finding new blogs! :)

1. I started following Ravs RECreations!
I found this blog via a list of thrifty/refashioning/thought-provoking/crafty/delicious/fashion bloggers on SecondHand Couture. I am very excited to have found this blog since Ravs shares a lot of the same things I enjoy: independent living (gardening, chickens, etc.), thrifting, quilting, and other sewing projects!

2. I started following Mandy Made!

This blog was also found via the list over at SecondHand Couture. I am so glad I joined that group! Two blogs already what a win! Mandy refashions clothes and I love her projects! Especially this Pink Pencil Skirt!

3. I started following Carole's Chatter Blog Tips!
Carole is a follower of my blog who LEFT ME A COMMENT!!! Yay! I was able to find her blogs (the one I am now following and her regular blog "Carole's Chatter" which I am currently following via Email). I love to follow bloggers who use Blogger since they know the basic problems I deal with and may have already gone through when I need advice I can search their archives! :)

4. I am now a member of Fashion & Faith!

Fashion & Faith
Fashion & Faith is a group for bloggers whose main focus is to unite girls who love Jesus and blog about fashion/personal style. I am so glad to be a member of this group! There are over 200 blogs linked up already!!

5. I am now a member of Southern Bloggers!

Although I am no longer officially in a Southern state, I did ask Rebecca (she hosts the group) and she said I may join! I'm so glad! At the time I joined there were 122 blogs linked up!! Wow! I have a huge list to look through and I can't wait to start sharing with you the great blogs I know I will find from it!

6. I added some new options to the Topics on my blog!
I've been doing so much organizing...and it keeps spilling over into my web life! I think that may be a good thing though! My latest blog organization was adding a few more topics (aka labels) on my blog so that some of the posts which have more in common can be found easier. Be sure to check some of these out! Pinterest Inspired: for everything I bake, make, or do which was inspired from something found on Pinterest! Pinterst Photos: for all the blog posts which have a photo in them which originally came from Pinterest. Recipes: 5 Stars...for all the recipes my mom and family rate as being their absolute favorite...I still have more to add to this topic, but there are a few on there to start it off!

7. I am starting a new monthly blog post series!
The series is all about blogging! At the end of each month I will share 5 "tips" I've learned about blogging thus far. This will include great tutorials I've found elsewhere, good tips to know for new bloggers, things I've learned personally and of course tutorials I've written which relate to the subject! Be sure to check out all the Blogging Tips posts I've written thus far!

8. I'm following three blogs by the same author!
Debbie is the author of three blogs which have different focuses in the area of book reviews. I am so glad to have accidently stumbled upon her blogs the other night while looking for photos/info on the Kristen Heitzmann books blog post I was putting together! Be sure to check out all THREE of her blogs! ChristFocus Book Club; Genre Reviews (In search of well-written, clean novels); and Different Time, Different Place (exploring history and other cultures).

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  1. I'm so thrilled to see you mentioned the Southern Bloggers button :) I was so excited to see that. And yes, there are so many blogs on that list. I am loving it and hopefully many more will be added

    1. Aww yay! Yes, I try to post about each new group I join, party I find, blog I start following, etc. so my readers can find them and know a little about it!



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