Saturday, September 15, 2012

Challenge | Get Rid of 100 Things in 2 weeks

Em with her pile of shoes, clothes, toys, and other little random junk she no longer wanted!

Last month one of my goals was to get rid of 100 things in 2 weeks. About two weeks into this I realized I really didn't have a lot of things I needed to get rid of. Since I had moved recently I had already gone through most of my belongings, and with the new move (getting married) coming up I had gone through everything twice in a fairly short amount of time.

I was talking to my sister Em about this problem and how I was having a really difficult time coming up with 100 things to get rid of. She then suggested that I find 50 things and she would find 50 things. Now that was something I could do! I went through my bookshelf and got rid of a bunch of CD's and books I knew I wouldn't use and then I found a few little random things which went to the pile. Somehow the numbers added up quick and I was at 50 in no time!

Em found a lot of things to get rid of herself and she said that this was something she really needed to get done but didn't want to do. So, not only did I (somewhat) meet the goal, I also helped someone else (Em) get rid of extra junk too!!

The inspiration for this project came from the blog Dump Your Frump. I really think that despite everything it did help me get rid of a few things I really didn't need. :)

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