Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Rants | What Some Words Really Mean

A VERY long time ago I found a lot of hilarious pins on Pinterest which had a word and then underneath it was a description of what it "really" means...not what it says in the dictionary. I had only a handful of pins on it and since I am still awake I decided to go ahead and knock out the board tonight...so here goes...

All photos were found via Pinterest. There were no original links.
Isn't that the truth? For real that stuff HURTS!!
Mostly this applies to little boys...a few of which I know...
I really would do this when I was tired of hearing someone talk. Like: "kay, I gotta go" or whatever.
Seriously...I am SUCH a procrastinator!
Well...I didn't fail, but it sure was a huge distractin for me (aka Pinterest aka Facebook!).
Now...if only I knew how to say this I would have it made! I always think of things after the conversation is over.
This one bothers me big time...especially when coming from a COFFEE DRINKER! Grr...get it right people! Oh, and same for Especially. There is NO "g" in it people! It's especially NOT eggspecially.
Sometimes I still think I'm trying to get this concept through my head.
Been there...don't wanna go there again.
Generally this is true...or it just means I don't want to sit there and explain it all to you again since you couldn't figure it out the first time. Still pretty much the same thing.
Oh Facebook Friends! The times you disappointed me was countless.
I still think I'm learning this one.
This. Is. True.

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