Saturday, September 15, 2012

Refashions To Look Forward To

I've been quite the busy person since I made the long list of My September Goals earlier this month. Since I wrote it I have about half of it checked off, maybe less. I have also added over 15 things to the list (much smaller than some of my goals on the original list), but is keeping me busy.

One thing I had on that list was to go through my refashions box. I did it! I had planned to pull out 3-5 things to work on in the last weeks of this month, but I ended up pulling out about 10 things because several of them were small little fixes and not necessarily refashions and I knew I could get them done. (I got one finished yesterday: Refashionista | Gray & Black Floral Skirt.)

Here are a few photos from my refashion box and some tidbits of the pieces I will be working on soon!

It really is a box! There are just some of my clothes to refashion...the ones I plan to do soon. I have two whole boxes full of other refashions to work on at another time.

This fabric was found at a closed yard sale. It was given to me for free! I plan to cut it in half to make two cloths for covering bread.

This was also free and will also be made into cloths for bread making!
(This is all white fabric, but the camera made it look funky.)

A shirt given to me by my Grandpa. I plan to refashion it into something really cute!

2 pairs of the same jeans from Old Navy's clearance rack about 2 years ago. I will be making a tutorial for how to sew a stylish long denim skirt.
(DIY Long Denim Skirt)

This will become some kind of sweater vest.

A very ugly jumper which I will somehow manage to make into a cute casual skirt.

A men's tank top which I will refashion into a cute woman's tank.

Well, that's all I have for now. I will probably get one or two of the smaller projects finished up later this evening. In the meantime I will let you sit in anticipation of what these "ugly" things will turn into!

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